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Extensible license metadata extraction and verification.

Project description

2006-11-21 11:23:54 -0500 (Tue, 21 Nov 2006)

Nathan R. Yergler <>

Creative Commons

cctagutils is a package which provides a pluggable facility for retrieving and verifying license metadata embedded and linked to content files. Metadata may be embedded directly in the file, or provided in a web page linked to the file (in this case the URL is actually embedded in the file).

cctagutils uses handlers for different file types, and ships with an ID3 handler for MP3 files and an XMP handler for many other file types. The XMP handler is used as a default fall-back for all files. Information about embedding metadata is available in the CC wiki; see Resources below.


cctagutils and its dependencies may be installed using easy_install (recommended)

$ easy_install cctagutils

or by using the standard distutils

$ python install

If installing using, ccrdf will also need to be installed along with its dependencies. Using easy_install will automatically download and install these dependencies.


cctagutils is primarily accessed through the metadata module. For example:

>>> import cctagutils
>>> file_info ='test/test.mp3')

The metadata module will use entry points to look up the best fit handler for extracting metadata from the file.

Extending cctagutils

cctagutils uses entry points for providing metadata handlers for new file types. A metadata handler should subclass cctagutils.handler.base.BaseMetadata. The package for the handler should declare that it implements the cctagutils.handler entry point.

The cctagutils package declares itself as the entry points for MP3 and PDF files using the ID3 and XMP implementations respectively.

Limitations and Known Issues

  • This is an alpha release of 0.5, and the API is still subject to change.

  • Handler lookup is currently based on file extensions, and should be improved to use something like the MIME type.


Change History

0.5 (TBD)

  • Reorganized source tree to work better with PyPI and setuptools

  • Converted to using entry points for file-type handling extensibility


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