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Watching your CDK apps since 2019

Project description

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Watching your CDK back since 2019

Watchful is an AWS CDK construct library that makes it easy to monitor CDK apps. It automatically synthesizes alarms and dashboards for supported AWS resources.

# my_table: dynamodb.Table
# my_function: lambda.Function
# my_rest_api: apigw.RestApi

wf = Watchful(self, "watchful")
wf.watch_dynamo_table("My Cute Little Table", my_table)
wf.watch_lambda_function("My Function", my_function)
wf.watch_api_gateway("My REST API", my_rest_api)



To get started, just define a Watchful construct in your CDK app. You can initialize using an email address, SQS ARN or both:

import aws_cdk.aws_sns as sns
import aws_cdk.aws_sqs as sqs

alarm_sqs = sqs.Queue.from_queue_arn(self, "AlarmQueue", "arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:444455556666:alarm-queue")
alarm_sns = sns.Topic.from_topic_arn(self, "AlarmTopic", "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:444455556666:MyTopic")

wf = Watchful(self, "watchful",

Add Resources

Watchful manages a central dashboard and configures default alarming for:

  • Amazon DynamoDB: watchful.watchDynamoTable
  • AWS Lambda: watchful.watchLambdaFunction
  • Amazon API Gateway: watchful.watchApiGateway
  • Request yours

Watching Scopes

Watchful can also watch complete CDK construct scopes. It will automatically discover all watchable resources within that scope (recursively), add them to your dashboard and configure alarms for them.

# storage_layer: Stack
# wf: Watchful



See a more complete example.


Contributions of all kinds are welcome and celebrated. Raise an issue, submit a PR, do the right thing.

To set up a dev environment:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. yarn

Development workflow (change code and run tests automatically):

yarn test:watch

Build (like CI):

yarn build

And then publish as a PR.


Apache 2.0

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