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This is the core library of Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for Kubernetes (cdk8s). cdk8s apps synthesize into standard Kubernetes manifests which can be applied to any Kubernetes cluster.

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Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes

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cdk8s is a software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications using rich object-oriented APIs. It allows developers to leverage the full power of software in order to define abstract components called "constructs" which compose Kubernetes resources or other constructs into higher-level abstractions.

Note: This repository is the "core library" of cdk8s, with logic for synthesizing Kubernetes manifests using the constructs framework. It is published to NPM as cdk8s and should not be confused with the cdk8s command-line tool cdk8s-cli. For more general information about cdk8s, please see, or visit the umbrella repository located at cdk8s-team/cdk8s.




This project is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

This module is part of the cdk8s project.

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