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Wrapper for downloading and processing Cartography Boundaries from the US Census Bureau

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census-cb is a wrapper for downloading and processing Cartography Boundaries from the US Census Bureau. It stands for Census Cartographic Boundaries; apparently that's confusing (but, like most things, it made sense at the time).

The goal of census-cb is to provide an easy way to get GIS information created by the United States Census Bureau. There's a wide variety of cartographic files availbable for download, such as state and county lines, voting district, Tribal subdivisions, and more!

Entity Information

There are a designated set of entities available for download from the census bureau. Each year of available data has a specific set of available entities, and the shape of these entities may change from year to year. You can find a full list pdf of available entities for download on the US Census Bureau site.


Install using pip

pip install census-cb


# Create a Boundary File for the desired entity
bf = BoundaryFile(2020, 'us', 'state', '500k')

# Create a processor for downloading and unpacking the data; this processor will return a GeoDataFrame
cbfp = CBFProcessor('gdf')

# Downloads and extracts the Boundary File.


Download and display the state boudnaries from the US Census Bureau.

# Create a Boundary File for the US State Lines
state_boundary_file = BoundaryFile(2020, 'us', 'state', '500k')

# Create a processor that returns a GeoDataFrame
cbfp = CBFProcessor('gdf')

# Get the Data
state_lines = cbfp.process_data(state_boundary_file)

# See the Data

State Boundaries Plot

0 MULTIPOLYGON (((144.64538 13.23627, 144.64716 ... 66 01802705 0400000US66 66 GU Guam 00 543555847 934337453
1 MULTIPOLYGON (((-94.71830 29.72885, -94.71721 ... 48 01779801 0400000US48 48 TX Texas 00 676680588914 18979352230
2 MULTIPOLYGON (((-86.95617 45.35549, -86.95463 ... 55 01779806 0400000US55 55 WI Wisconsin 00 140292246684 29343721650
3 MULTIPOLYGON (((-71.28802 41.64558, -71.28647 ... 44 01219835 0400000US44 44 RI Rhode Island 00 2677759219 1323691129
4 MULTIPOLYGON (((-72.03683 41.24984, -72.03496 ... 36 01779796 0400000US36 36 NY New York 00 122049520861 19256750161

To Do

  • provide some better functionality for editing Entity Information after a BoundaryFile object is declared.

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