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certbot plugin to allow acme dns-01 authentication & installation of a name managed in cPanel.

Project description


Plugin to allow acme dns-01 authentication of a name managed in cPanel. Useful for automating and creating a Let's Encrypt certificate (wildcard or not) for a service with a name managed by cPanel, but installed on a server not managed in cPanel.

Named Arguments

Argument Description
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-credentials <file> cPanel credentials INI file (required)
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-propagation-seconds <seconds> The number of seconds to wait for DNS to propagate before asking the ACME server to verify the DNS record (Default: 30)


pip install certbot-dns-cpanel


Download the file credentials.ini.example and rename it to credentials.ini. Edit it to set your cPanel url, username and password.

# The url cPanel url
# include the scheme and the port number (usually 2083 for https)
certbot_dns_cpanel:cpanel_url =

# The cPanel username
certbot_dns_cpanel:cpanel_username = user

# The cPanel password
certbot_dns_cpanel:cpanel_password = hunter2


You can now run certbot using the plugin and feeding the credentials file. For example, to get a wildcard certificate for * and

certbot certonly \
--authenticator certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel \
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-credentials /path/to/credentials.ini \
-d '' \
-d '*'

You can also specify a installer plugin with the --installer option:

certbot run \
--authenticator certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel \
--installer apache \
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-credentials /path/to/credentials.ini \
-d '' \
-d '*'

You may also install the certificate onto a domain on your cPanel account:

certbot run \
--authenticator certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel \
--installer certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel \
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-credentials /path/to/credentials.ini \
-d '' \
-d '*'

Depending on your provider you may need to use the --certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-propagation-seconds option to extend the DNS propagation time.


A docker image badjware/certbot-dns-cpanel, based on certbot/certbot is provided for your convenience:

docker run -it \
-v /path/to/credentials.ini:/tmp/credentials.ini \
badjware/certbot-dns-cpanel \
certonly \
--authenticator certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel \
--certbot-dns-cpanel:cpanel-credentials /tmp/credentials.ini \
-d '' \
-d '*'

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