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Submit Codeforces codes via terminal and other coll stuff

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Submit code to codeforces from the command line, and other stuff (display solves for each problem, display standings).

In order to save the huge number of seconds needed to reach for the mouse during codeforces contests, I needed to be able to submit from the command line. There are many tools to do this for codeforces contests but I was unable to find an existing tool that allowed submissions to the codeforces gym for virtual contests, so I made this.

After being able to submit from the command line, I noticed that I was wasting too much time staring at the standings on codeforces. Now I waste less time (hopefully) by staring at the standings in the terminal.

Then I realized I would rather not navigate codeforces in my browser because looking for my mouse is a hassle, so now I can look at the number of solves for each problem in the terminal as well.


Add autocomplete while writing the command (double TAB).

Setup (Linux)

  • Install from pip. sudo pip install cf_submit



  • con or gym to set default contest or gym ID. Example: cf con 844 or cf gym 101482
  • gcon to set default group and contest ID. Example: cf gcon dyEemqw7jN 233642
  • ext to set default file extension. Will be used when no file extension is given. (cf submit a)
  • submit to submit code. Will try to guess problem. Batch submit allowed. Example: cf submit or cf submit a.cpp
  • --prob or -p to specify problem. Example: cf submit code.cpp -p 844a
  • --watch or -w to Watch the status of submission after submitting it. Example: cf submit a.cpp -p 844a -w
  • peek to look at status of the last submission. Example: cf peek
  • watch to watch the status of the last submission if -w was not used. Example: cf watch
  • login to store login info (username and password), will prompt you to enter password. Example: cf login or cf login <your handle>
  • info to show stored handle and contest id. Example: cf info
  • time to show time left in contest
  • open to open the selected problem in the browser

Examples: cf submit code.cpp -p844a -w

Parse problem samples

  • parse to import selected problem samples data

Examples: cf parse -p 1108a or cf parse -p a

Test solution

  • test to test the selected source code with the imported tests data

Examples: cf test main.cpp, you should specify the version for python (use -l py2|py3)

Print Standings

  • standings or st to look at friends' standings. Example: cf standings
  • --contest or -c to specify the ID of the contest to look at. Example: cf standings -c 844
  • --group to specify the ID of the group to look at. Example: cf standings --group dyEemqw7jN
  • --verbose or -v to print standings with more info. Example: cf standings -v
  • --top or -t to look top contestants. Defaults to top 50 if -t is not included, top 10 if --top is included but no number is given. Example: cf standings -t 20
  • --all or -a to look at all contestants instead of only friends. Example: cf standings --all
  • --sort or -s to merge the solves of different rows belonging to the same handle. Will not merge two correct submissions on different rows. Example: cf standings -s

Examples: cf st -v -t7 or cf standings -c844 -v -a

Print Problem Stats

  • problems or pb to look at the number of solves for each unsolved problem in a contest. Example: cf problems
  • --contest or -c to specify the ID of the contest. Example: cf problems -c 844
  • --group to specify the ID of the group. Example: cf problems --group dyEemqw7jN
  • --verbose or -v to show solved problems as well. Example: cf problems -v
  • --sort or -s to sort problems by: number of solves, or index (id). Default sort is by number of solves (you do not need to use --sort). Example: cf problems -s id

Exmaples: cf pb -v -s id or cf problems -c100187 -v


  • hack to begin the hack proccess.
  • --prob or -p to specify problem.
  • --number or -n to specify the number of tests to try.

Exmaples: cf hack generator.cpp checker.cpp bruteforce.cpp --prob a


This script uses python3

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