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The NetCDF Climate Forecast Conventions compliance checker

Project description

# CF Checker

The CF Checker is a utility that checks the contents of a NetCDF file complies with the Climate and Forecasts (CF) Metadata Convention.

## Dependencies

## Installation

To install from [PyPI](

pip install cfchecker

Alternatively, to install from source:

  1. Download the cfchecker package from [cfchecker releases](

  2. Unpack the library:

    tar -zxf cfchecker-${version}.tar.gz

    cd cfchecker-${version}

  3. Install the package:

    • To install to a central location:

      python install

    • To install to a non standard location:

      python install –prefix=<directory>

      If directory you are installing into is not on PYTHONPATH you will need to add it.

## Running the CF Checker

cfchecks [-a <area-types.xml>] [-r <regions.xml>] [-s <std_names.xml>] [-v <CFVersion>] [-x] [-t <cache_time_days>] file1 [file2…]

For further details and for other available command line options please see the help by running cfchecks -h

### Environment Variables

The following parameters can be set on the command-line or through environment variables:

  1. CF_STANDARD_NAMES or (CL option -s) : The path or URL to the CF standard names table

  2. CF_AREA_TYPES or (CL option -a) : The path or URL to the CF area types table

  3. CF_REGION_NAMES or (CL option -r): The path or URL to the CF region names table

### Running the Test script

In the release tarball there is a test_files directory containing a script which runs a series of test files through the CF Checker and confirms the checker is working as expected. It is a very elementary system, which will be rewritten soon. Before running it you will need to edit the location of the cfchecks script in the file:

cfchecker=”<location of cfchecks>”

Then just run the script:


Project details

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