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chain work using AWS lambdas

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# chained-aws-lambda

#### Running tests

Run make test in the top-level data-store directory.

#### Deployment

Assuming the tests have passed above, the next step is to manually deploy. See the section below for information on CI/CD with Travis if continuous deployment is your goal.

Now deploy using make:

make deploy

Set up AWS API Gateway. The gateway is automatically set up for you and associated with the Lambda. However, to get a friendly domain name, you need to follow the directions [here]( In summary:

  • Generate a HTTPS certificate via AWS Certificate Manager, make sure it’s in us-east-1

  • Set up the domain name in the API gateway console

  • Set up in Amazon Route 53 to point the domain to the API gateway

  • In the API Gateway, fill in the endpoints for the custom domain name e.g. Path=`/, Destination=`dss and dev. These might be different based on the profile used (dev, stage, etc).

  • Set the environment variable API_HOST to your domain name in the environment.local file.

If successful, you should be able to see the Swagger API documentation at:


And you should be able to list bundles like this:

curl -X GET “https://<domain_name>/v1/bundles” -H “accept: application/json”

#### CI/CD with Travis CI We use [Travis CI]( for continuous integration testing and deployment. When make test succeeds, Travis CI deploys the application into the dev stage on AWS for every commit that goes on the master branch. This behavior is defined in the deploy section of .travis.yml.

#### Authorizing Travis CI to deploy Encrypted environment variables give Travis CI the AWS credentials needed to run the tests and deploy the app. Run scripts/ IAM-PRINCIPAL-TYPE IAM-PRINCIPAL-NAME (e.g. user hca-test) to give that principal the permissions needed to deploy the app. Because this is a limited set of permissions, it does not have write access to IAM. To set up the IAM policies for resources in your account that the app will use, run make deploy using privileged account credentials once from your workstation. After this is done, Travis CI will be able to deploy on its own. You must repeat the make deploy step from a privileged account any time you change the IAM policies in policy.json.template files.

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