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Chan for Python, lovingly stolen from Go

Project description

Implements Go’s chan type in Python.

Install with pip install chan

Source at


You can put onto channels, and get from them

c = Chan()

# Thread 1

# Thread 2
print "Heard: %s" % c.get()

Channels can be closed (usually by the sender). Iterating over a channel gives all values until the channel is closed

c = Chan()

# Thread 1

# Thread 2
for thing in c:
    print "Heard:", thing

You can wait on multiple channels using chanselect. Pass it a list of input channels and another of output channels, and it will return when any of the channels is ready

def fan_in(outchan, input1, input2):
    while True:
        chan, value = chanselect([input1, input2], [])
        if chan == input1:
            outchan.put("From 1: " + str(value))
            outchan.put("From 2 " + str(value))

You can see more examples in the “examples” directory.

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