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Check project directories for uncommitted or unpushed work and for files like README and LICENSE.

Project description

check_project provides a command line tool for checking a variety of things on a project directory, like if you have code hidden in a git stash, or unpushed commits. Currently, it mostly assumes the project is in Git.

Typical usage often looks like this:

check_projects -d /foo/bar/baz

which would check /foo/bar/baz for the following:

  • a non-empty file in /foo/bar/baz with a name that starts with README

  • a non-empty file in /foo/bar/baz with a name that starts with LICENSE

  • /foo/bar/baz being in a git repository

  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having an empty stash

  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having remotes

  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having no uncommited changes

  • /foo/bar/baz’s git repository having no unpushed commits

The exit code of check_projects is 0 if all the checks pass, and 3 if any fail. Other non-zero exit codes may happen, and they indicate errors.

I’m definitely open to other checks and other version control systems. Let me know if there’s something you’re interested in.

check_projects seems to work for me, but please do not assume it works perfectly. If you’re using it for something critical, take a look at the code or let me know.


You can get help at the command line with –help:

usage: check_project [-h] [-v | -q] [-d DIRECTORY] [--ignore-unpushed]
                     [--ignore-uncommitted] [--ignore-stash]
                     [--ignore-missing-readme] [--ignore-missing-license]
                     [--ignore-no-remotes] [--ignore-unpushed-if-no-remotes]

Check project directories for uncommitted or unpushed work and for files like

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose
  -q, --quiet
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY
                        Base of the project. Defaults to current directory.
  --ignore-unpushed     Don't check for unpushed commits.
  --ignore-uncommitted  Don't check for uncommitted changes.
  --ignore-stash        Don't check for work in the stash.
                        Don't check for a README.
                        Don't check for a LICENSE.
  --ignore-no-remotes   Don't check for remotes.
                        Don't check for unpushed commits if there are no
                        remotes. You probably also want --ignore-no-remotes.


check_project should work on Linux and OS X, and definitely requires Git to be installed. It should work on Python 2.7, and 3.4+. It may work on Windows and other versions of Python. If you test it and it does, please let me know.


Here’s what I do. Create a virtualenv. Activate it. You can run the code tests with python test. If you want to do the full suite of tests, and style checks, install tox into the virtualenv, and then run tox. You can also install the package into your virtualenv with pip install -e ..


If you have questions, comments, bug reports, heaps of praise, ideas, please make an issue at


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