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Python Wrapper for API

Project description

Python wrapper for Public API

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Python wrapper for API which provides public data from the website. All endpoints provided by's API are available in the respectively named methods.


The package requires Python 3.7 or higher.

Install latest version from PyPI: pip install



Retrieving Data

All the functions return a ChessDotComResponse object. The data can be accessed in dictionary format or via attributes.

The package uses aiohttp for asynchronous requests and requests for synchronous requests to interact with the API.


from chessdotcom import get_player_profile, Client

Client.request_config["headers"]["User-Agent"] = (
    "My Python Application. "
    "Contact me at"
response = get_player_profile("fabianocaruana")

player_name = response.json['player']['name']
player_name =


import asyncio

from chessdotcom.aio import get_player_profile

usernames = ["fabianocaruana", "GMHikaruOnTwitch", "MagnusCarlsen", "GarryKasparov"]

cors = [get_player_profile(name) for name in usernames]

async def gather_cors(cors):
    return await asyncio.gather(*cors)

responses =

Managing Rate Limit

The package offers several ways to deal with the rate limit. Every function accepts a tts parameter which controls the number of seconds the Client will wait before making the request. This is useful if running a lot of coroutines at once.

cors = [get_player_profile(name, tts = i / 10) for i, name in enumerate(usernames)]

The second method is to adjust the rate_limit_handler attribute of the Client object.

Client.rate_limit_handler.tries = 2
Client.rate_limit_handler.tts = 4

If the initial request gets rate limited the client will automatically retry the request 2 more times with an interval of 4 seconds.

Configuring Headers

Headers and and other request parameters can be set through the Client object. Official documentation requires adding a User-Agent header.

from chessdotcom import Client

Client.request_config["headers"]["User-Agent"] = (
    "My Python Application. "
    "Contact me at"

All the methods from the package will now include the header when making a request to the API.


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