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This library wraps MDT functionality to ease usage with Cisco implementations.

Project description


License Code style: black

This library provides a basic Model-Driven Telemetry (MDT) server implementation to ease development, as well as a sample CLI potentially useful for debugging.


pip install cisco-mdt
python -c "import cisco_mdt; print(cisco_mdt)"
cisco-mdt --help

This library only implements the MDT gRPC server at this time.

cisco-mdt CLI

A CLI callable as cisco-mdt is provided which may be useful for simply interacting with an MDT capable Cisco device, and also serves as a reference for how to use this cisco_mdt library. CLI usage is documented at the bottom of this README in CLI Usage.


A simple implementation of a Cisco MDT server/receiver is provided which allows the library user to specify callback functions on a per-message basis. This allows flexibility in implementation. This class may also be subclassed and the MdtDialout method overridden for completely custom control of the incoming requests and context.


MDTgRPCServer is used like any gRPC servicer implementation, but with the notion of callbacks.

"""Effectively ripped from"""
from concurrent import futures
import grpc
from google.protobuf import json_format, text_format
from cisco_mdt import proto, MDTgRPCServer

def callback(request):
    telemetry_pb = proto.telemetry_bis_pb2.Telemetry()

mdt_grpc_server = MDTgRPCServer()
grpc_server = grpc.server(futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=10))
    mdt_grpc_server, grpc_server
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    logging.warning("Stopping on interrupt.")
except Exception:
    logging.exception("Stopping due to exception!")

Model-Driven Telemetry

Model-Driven Telemetry (MDT) is a feature across IOS XE, IOS XR, and NX-OS which may be used to export various operational data sources with general greater efficiency than other similar protocols such as SNMP. MDT has options which vary across operating systems (such as transport, encoding, etc.), but at minimum all platforms provide a "dial-out", "push" model of operation, gRPC client implementation with self-describing protocol buffers which may connect to an implementing gRPC server and export desired data. Generally this data is described via YANG modules, and desired data specified by YANG XPaths.


Requires Python and utilizes pipenv for environment management. Manual usage of pip/virtualenv is not covered. Uses black for code formatting and pylint for code linting. black is not explicitly installed as it requires Python 3.6+.

Get Source

git clone
cd cisco-mdt-python
# If pipenv not installed, install!
pip install --user pipenv
# Now use Makefile...
make setup
# Or pipenv manually if make not present
pipenv --three install --dev
# Enter virtual environment
pipenv shell
# Work work

Code Hygiene

We use black for code formatting and pylint for code linting. will run black against all of the code under src/cisco_mdt/ except for protoc compiled protobufs, and run pylint against Python files directly under gnmi/. They don't totally agree, so we're not looking for perfection here. black is not automatically installed due to requiring Python 3.6+. will check for regular path availability and via pipenv, and otherwise falls directly to pylint. If black usage is desired, please install it into pipenv if using Python 3.6+ or separate methods e.g. brew install black.

# If using Python 3.6+
pipenv install --dev black
# Otherwise...

Recompile Protobufs

If new protocol buffer definitions (proto/) are released, use to recompile. If breaking changes are introduced the library must be updated.


CLI Usage

The below details the current cisco-mdt usage options.

cisco-mdt --help
cisco-mdt <protocol> [<args>]

Version 0.0.1

Supported Protocols:

cisco-mdt grpc

See <protocol> --help for RPC options.

MDT CLI demonstrating cisco_mdt library usage.

positional arguments:
  protocol    MDT protocol to utilize.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


This protocol will handle MDT via gRPC transport and dump the telemetry data in JSON or textual protocol buffer format to stdout.

cisco-gnmi grpc -netloc -debug


cisco-mdt grpc --help
usage: cisco-mdt [-h] [-dump_json] [-netloc NETLOC] [-debug]

Start gRPC protocol server.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -dump_json      Dump as JSON instead of textual protos.
  -netloc NETLOC  <host>:<port>
  -debug          Print debug messages.


[cisco-mdt-python] cisco-mdt grpc -debug
DEBUG:root:Starting gRPC server on [::]:50051.
DEBUG:root:ReqId: 10
data: "\n\003ios\032\006testme29openconfig-interfaces:interfaces/..."

INFO:root:node_id_str: "ios"
subscription_id_str: "testme"
encoding_path: "openconfig-interfaces:interfaces/interface/state/counters"
collection_id: 914301


cisco-mdt-python is licensed as Apache License, Version 2.0.


Open an issue :)

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