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Miscellaneous CKAN utility scripts

Project description

# ckanny

## Introduction

ckanny is a [command line interface](#cli) for interacting with remote and local [CKAN]( instances. Under the hood, it uses [ckanutils](

With ckanny, you can

- Download a CKAN resource
- Create a CKAN package
- Update a CKAN DataStore from data in the FileStore
- Copy a FileStore resource from one CKAN instance to another
- and much more...

ckanny performs smart updates by computing the hash of a file and will only update the datastore if the file has changed. This allows you to schedule a script to run on a frequent basis, e.g., `@hourly` via a cron job, without updating the CKAN instance unnecessarily.

## Requirements

ckanny has been tested on the following configuration:

- MacOS X 10.9.5
- Python 2.7.9

ckanny requires the following in order to run properly:

- [Python >= 2.7]( (MacOS X comes with python preinstalled)

## Installation

(You are using a [virtualenv](, right?)

sudo pip install ckanny

## CLI

ckanny comes with a built in command line interface `ckanny`.

### Usage

ckanny [<namespace>.]<command> [<args>]

### Examples

*show help*

ckanny -h

usage: ckanny [<namespace>.]<command> [<args>]

positional arguments:
command the command to run

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

available commands:
ver Show ckanny version

delete Deletes a datastore table
update Updates a datastore table based on the current filestore resource
upload Uploads a file to a datastore table

fetch Downloads a filestore resource
migrate Copies a filestore resource from one ckan instance to another
upload Updates the filestore of an existing resource or creates a new one

customize Introspects custom organization values

create Creates a package (aka dataset)

*show version*

ckanny ver

*fetch a resource*

ckanny fs.fetch -k <CKAN_API_KEY> -r <CKAN_URL> <resource_id>

*show fs.fetch help*

ckanny fs.fetch -h

usage: ckanny fs.fetch
[-h] [-q] [-n] [-c CHUNKSIZE_BYTES] [-u UA] [-k API_KEY] [-r REMOTE]

Downloads a filestore resource

positional arguments:
resource_id the resource id

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet suppress debug statements
-n, --name-from-id Use resource id for filename
number of bytes to read/write at a time (default:
-u UA, --ua UA the user agent (uses `CKAN_USER_AGENT` ENV if
available) (default: None)
-k API_KEY, --api-key API_KEY
the api key (uses `CKAN_API_KEY` ENV if available)
(default: None)
-r REMOTE, --remote REMOTE
the remote ckan url (uses `CKAN_REMOTE_URL` ENV if
available) (default: None)
the destination folder or file path (default:

*create a package*

ckanny pk.create -k <CKAN_API_KEY> -r <CKAN_URL> <org_id>

*create a package with resources*

ckanny pk.create -k <CKAN_API_KEY> -r <CKAN_URL> -f 'file1.csv,file2.csv' <org_id>

*show pk.create help*

ckanny pk.create -h

usage: /Users/reubano/.virtualenvs/ckan/bin/ckanny pk.create
[-h] [-q] [-u UA] [-k API_KEY]
[-r REMOTE] [-e END] [-S START]
[-T TAGS] [-t TITLE]
[-m {observed,other,census,survey,registry}]

Creates a package (aka dataset)

positional arguments:
org_id the organization id

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet suppress debug statements
-u UA, --ua UA
the user agent (uses `CKAN_USER_AGENT` ENV if
available) (default: None)
-k API_KEY, --api-key API_KEY
the api key (uses `CKAN_API_KEY` ENV if available)
(default: None)
-r REMOTE, --remote REMOTE
the remote ckan url (uses `CKAN_REMOTE_URL` ENV if
available) (default: None)
-e END, --end END
Data end date
-S START, --start START
Data start date (default: 09/25/2015)
Location the data represents (default: world)
-c CAVEATS, --caveats CAVEATS
Package caveats
-y TYPE, --type TYPE
Package type (default: dataset)
-T TAGS, --tags TAGS
Comma separated list of tags
-t TITLE, --title TITLE
Package title (default: Untitled 2015-09-25
-m {observed,other,census,survey,registry}, --methodology {observed,other,census,survey,registry}
Data collection methodology (default: observed)
Dataset description (default: same as `title`)
-f FILES, --files FILES
Comma separated list of file paths to add
-s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
Data source (default: Multiple sources)
-l LICENSE_ID, --license-id LICENSE_ID
Data license (default: cc-by-igo)
## Configuration

ckanny will use the following [Environment Variables]( if set:

Environment Variable|Description
CKAN_REMOTE_URL|Your CKAN instance remote url
CKAN_USER_AGENT|Your user agent

## Hash Table

In order to support file hashing, ckanny creates a hash table resource called `hash_table.csv` with the following schema:


By default the hash table resource will be placed in the package `hash_table`. ckanny will create this package if it doesn't exist. Optionally, you can set the hash table package in the command line with the `-H, --hash-table` option, or in a Python file as the `hash_table` keyword argument to `CKAN`.


ckanny ds.update -H custom_hash_table 36f33846-cb43-438e-95fd-f518104a32ed

## Scripts

ckanny comes with a built in task manager `` and a `Makefile`.

### Setup

pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

### Examples

*Run python linter and nose tests*

manage lint
manage test

Or if `make` is more your speed...

make lint
make test

## Contributing


## License

ckanny is distributed under the [MIT License](, the same as [ckanutils](


Here you can find the recent changes to ckanny..

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:version: dev
:released: Ongoing

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Updated CHANGES.

.. changelog::
:version: 0.1.0
:released: 2015-06-12

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First release on PyPi.

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