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Clamd is a python interface to Clamd (Clamav daemon).

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clamd is a portable Python module to use the ClamAV anti-virus engine on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and other platforms. It requires a running instance of the clamd daemon.

This is a fork of pyClamd v0.2.0 created by Philippe Lagadec and published on his website: which in turn is a slightly improved version of pyClamd v0.1.1 created by Alexandre Norman and published on his website:


To use with a unix socket:

>>> import clamd
>>> cd = clamd.ClamdUnixSocket()
>>> cd.version()                             # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
'ClamAV ...
>>> cd.reload()

To scan a file:

>>> open('/tmp/EICAR','wb').write(clamd.EICAR)
>>> cd.scan('/tmp/EICAR')
{'/tmp/EICAR': ('FOUND', 'Eicar-Test-Signature')}

To scan a stream:

>>> from six import BytesIO
>>> cd.instream(BytesIO(clamd.EICAR))
{'stream': ('FOUND', 'Eicar-Test-Signature')}


clamd is released as open-source software under the LGPL license.

clamd Install

How to install the ClamAV daemon clamd under Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam clamav-unofficial-sigs
sudo freshclam
sudo service clamav-daemon start


1.0.2 (2014-08-21)

  • Remove all dependencies. clamd is now standalone!

  • Use plain setuptools no d2to1.

  • Create universal wheel.

1.0.1 (2013-03-06)

  • Updated d2to1 dependency

1.0.0 (2013-02-08)

  • Change public interface, including exceptions

  • Support Python 3.3, withdraw 2.5 support

0.3.4 (2013-02-01)

  • Use regex to parse file status reponse instead of complicated string split/join

0.3.3 (2013-01-28)

  • First version of clamd that can be installed from PyPI

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