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Clang-Format is an LLVM-based code formatting tool

Project description

clang-format Python distribution

PyPI Release

This project packages the clang-format utility as a Python package. It allows you to install clang-format directly from PyPI:

python -m pip install clang-format

This projects intends to release a new PyPI package for each major and minor release of clang-format.

Use with pipx

You can use pipx to run clang-format, as well. For example, pipx run clang-format <args> will run clang-format without any previous install required on any machine with pipx (including all default GitHub Actions / Azure runners, avoiding requiring a pre-install step or even actions/setup-python).

Use from pre-commit

A pre-commit hook is also provided, use like this:

- repo:
  rev: v17.0.6
  - id: clang-format
    types_or: [c++, c, cuda]

In contrast to many other pre-commit hooks, the versioning of the hook matches the versioning of clang-format.

If you are required to stick with a given major/minor version of clang-format with your pre-commit-hook, you can use this alternative hook repository that also receives backports of older versions of clang-format. Currently, all major/minor versions of LLVM >= 10 are supported. It is best to subscribe to releases of the hook repository to get notified of new backport releases, as pre-commit's auto-upgrade functionality will not work in that case.

Building new releases

The clang-format-wheel repository provides the logic to build and publish binary wheels of the clang-format utility.

In order to add a new release, the following steps are necessary:

On manual triggers, the following input variables are available:

  • use_qemu: Whether to build targets that require emulation (default: true)
  • llvm_version: Override the LLVM version (default: "")
  • wheel_version: Override the wheel packaging version (default "0")
  • deploy_to_testpypi: Whether to deploy to TestPyPI instead of PyPI (default: false)

The repository with the precommit hook is automatically updated using a scheduled Github Actions workflow.


This repository extends the great work of several other projects:

  • clang-format itself is provided by the LLVM project under the Apache 2.0 License with LLVM exceptions.
  • The build logic is based on scikit-build which greatly reduces the amount of low level code necessary to package clang-format.
  • The scikit-build packaging examples of CMake and Ninja were very helpful in packaging clang-format.
  • The CI build process is controlled by cibuildwheel which makes building wheels across a number of platforms a pleasant experience (!)

Special thanks goes to mgevaert who initiated this project and maintained it until 2021.

We are grateful for the generous provisioning with CI resources that GitHub currently offers to Open Source projects.

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