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This package supports click commands that use configuration files.

Project description

click is a framework to simplify writing composable commands for command-line tools. This package extends the click functionality by adding support for commands that use configuration files.


A configuration file, like:

# -- FILE: foo.ini
flag = yes
name = Alice and Bob
numbers = 1 4 9 16 25
filenames = foo/xxx.txt

name = Alice
birthyear = 1995

name = Bob
birthyear = 2001

can be processed with:

# -- FILE: (ALL PARTS: simplified)
from click_configfile import ConfigFileReader, Param, SectionSchema
from click_configfile import matches_section
import click

class ConfigSectionSchema(object):
    """Describes all config sections of this configuration file."""

    class Foo(SectionSchema):
        name    = Param(type=str)
        flag    = Param(type=bool, default=True)
        numbers = Param(type=int, multiple=True)
        filenames = Param(type=click.Path(), multiple=True)

    @matches_section("person.*")   # Matches multiple sections
    class Person(SectionSchema):
        name      = Param(type=str)
        birthyear = Param(type=click.IntRange(1990, 2100))

class ConfigFileProcessor(ConfigFileReader):
    config_files = ["foo.ini", "foo.cfg"]
    config_section_schemas = [
        ConfigSectionSchema.Foo,     # PRIMARY SCHEMA

    #   section:person.*        -> storage:person.*
    #   section:person.alice    -> storage:person.alice
    #   section:person.bob      -> storage:person.bob

    # -- ALTERNATIVES: Override ConfigFileReader methods:
    #  * process_config_section(config_section, storage)
    #  * get_storage_name_for(section_name)
    #  * get_storage_for(section_name, storage)

CONTEXT_SETTINGS = dict(default_map=ConfigFileProcessor.read_config())

@click.option("-n", "--number", "numbers", type=int, multiple=True)
def command_with_config(ctx, numbers):
    # -- ACCESS ADDITIONAL DATA FROM CONFIG FILES: Using ctx.default_map
    for person_data_key in ctx.default_map.keys():
        if not person_data_key.startswith("person."):
        person_data = ctx.default_map[person_data_key]
        process_person_data(person_data)    # as dict.

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