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This is a package to access the ClimateSERV API](

Project description

ClimateServ API Access

Python: 3.7 License: MIT SERVIR: Global

This is a python package to access the ClimateSERV API you can install using conda or pip:

  • conda install -c servir climateserv
  • pip install climateserv

Current supported operations:

  • Timeseries CSV
    • Variables
      • Average
      • Min
      • Max
  • Download Zip file of tifs
    • Variable
      • Download
  • Download Zip file containing a NetCDF
    • Variable
      • NetCDF

Current supported datasets:

    • Rainfall
      • Variable: CHIRPS
    • GEFS
      • Anomalies
        • Variable: CHIRPS_GEFS_anom
      • Precipitation
        • Mean
          • Variable: CHIRPS_GEFS_precip_mean
    • Rainfall
      • Variable: CHIRP
  • eMODIS
    • Central Asia NDVI
      • Variable: CentralAsia_eMODIS
    • East Africa NDVI
      • Variable: EastAfrica_eMODIS
    • Southern Africa NDVI
      • Variable: SouthAfrica_eMODIS
    • West Africa NDVI
      • Variable: WestAfrica_eMODIS
  • Seasonal_Forecast
    • Variable: CCSM4
      • SeasonalEnsemble Variable: ens01 thru ens10
      • seasonal_variable: Temperature or Precipitation
    • Variable: CFSV2
      • SeasonalEnsemble Variable: ens01 thru ens24
      • seasonal_variable: Temperature or Precipitation
  • IMERG 1 Day (late)
    • Variable: IMERG
  • IMERG 1 Day (early)
    • Variable: IMERG_early
  • Evaporative Stress Index
    • ESI 4 week
      • Variable: ESI_4
    • ESI 12 week
      • Variable: ESI_12
  • NASA-USDA Enhanced SMAP Global Soil Moisture Data
    • Soil moisture profile
      • Variable: USDA_SMAP
    • Surface soil moisture
      • Variable: USDA_SSM
    • Surface soil moisture anomaly
      • Variable: USDA_SSMA
    • Subsurface soil moisture
      • Variable: USDA_SSSM
    • Subsurface soil moisture anomaly
      • Variable: USDA_SSSMA

Sample Usage

This is sample code to produce a time series csv using the CentralAsia_eModis dataset. If you were to choose the OperationType of Download you would need to change the Outfile from .csv to .zip If you would like the data returned as a json object to a variable set Outfile to 'memory_object' and create a variable to hold the return from the climateserv.api.request_data call.

import climateserv.api

x = 81.27   
y = 29.19

GeometryCoords = [[x-.01,y+.01],[x+.01, y+.01],
                  [x+.01, y-.01],[x-.01,y-.01],[x-.01,y+.01]]
DatasetType = 'CentralAsia_eMODIS'
OperationType = 'Average'
EarliestDate = '01/03/2018'
LatestDate = '03/16/2018'
SeasonalEnsemble = '' # only used for Seasonal_Forecast
SeasonalVariable = '' # only used for Seasonal_Forecast
Outfile = 'out.csv'

climateserv.api.request_data(DatasetType, OperationType, 
             EarliestDate, LatestDate,GeometryCoords, 
             SeasonalEnsemble, SeasonalVariable,Outfile)

License and Distribution

ClimateSERVpy is distributed by SERVIR under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE in this directory for more information.

Privacy & Terms of Use

ClimateSERVpy abides to all of SERVIR's privacy and terms of use as described at

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