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A utility for downloading lecture videos.

Project description

This script can be used to download CloudAcademy lecture videoes so that they can be viewed offline. This inspiration for this script came from the Coursera Downloader.


This tool is only meant to be used only if you CloudAcademy account supports lecture downloads.

Installation instructions

This script requires Python 3 and a CloudAcademy account. The preferred way to install this script is to use pip as this will download the latest version from PyPI and all the necessary dependencies.

pip install cloudacademy-dl

Alternatively, one can clone this repository and install the dependencies manually or using pip via

pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage Instructions

To download a course, all you need to do is run the script specifying your username, and the URL of the course that you would like to download:

cloudacademy-dl --email=<CloudAcademy login email> <course url>

The script will then ask you for you CloudAcademy account password before it can start the download.

The optional command line arguments for the script are:

--help              Prints out the list of command line arguments.
--password=<pass>   The password for your CloudAcademy account. If this is not
                    passed in as a command line argument it will be asked for
                    before the download can start.
--res=<resolution>  The required video resolution. Allowed values are 360,
                    720, and 1080. The default value for this argument is
--out=<output_dir>  The directory where the videos are saved. If this command
                    line argument is not specified, then they will be saved in
                    current directory under courses/.

Contact information

Please report any bugs and issues on github. Additionaly I can also be reached on twitter under the handle [@josefgalea](

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cloudacademy-dl-0.1.1.tar.gz (3.8 kB view hashes)

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