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Generate console links for cloud resources

Project description

What is cloudconsolelink?

This project for generate console links for AWS, GCP and Azure cloud resources


Run pip install cloudconsolelink to install our code


Import Package


from import AWSLinker

For Azure

from import AzureLinker


from cloudconsolelink.clouds.gcp import GCPLinker

To get console link

call method get_console_link()

The Followings Are The Some Example


from import AWSLinker

aws = AWSLinker()

arn = "arn:aws:ec2:us-east1:1234567890:instance/instance1"

console_link = aws.get_console_link(arn=arn)

Azure Management:

from import AzureLinker

azure = AzureLinker()

id = "/subscriptions/5592e8dc/resourceGroups/testgroup"
primary_ad_domain_name = ""

console_link = azure.get_console_link(id=id, primary_ad_domain_name=primary_ad_domain_name)

Azure IAM:

from import AzureLinker

azure = AzureLinker()

id = "1234567890"
iam_entity_type = "user"

console_link = azure.get_console_link(id=id, iam_entity_type=iam_entity_type)


from cloudconsolelink.clouds.gcp import GCPLinker

gcp = GCPLinker()

bucket_name = "xyz"
resource_name = "storage_bucket"

console_link = gcp.get_console_link(bucket_name=bucket_name, resource_name=resource_name)

get_console_link() parameters discription:


  1. arn: arn of resource



  1. iam_entity_type: type of iam resource(user, group, application)
  2. id: object id


  1. id: id of entity
  2. primary_ad_domain_name: name of the active derectory primary domain


  1. resource_name: name of resource(storage_bucket, compute_instance, compute_instance_vpc_network, compute_instance_vpc_network_subnet, compute_instance_disk, compute_firewall_rule, compute_forwarding_rule, api, api_config, api_gateway, big_table_instance, big_table_cluster, big_table, big_table_backup, cloud_function, kms_key_ring, kms_key, dns_zone, dns_resource_record_set, gke_cluster, sql_instance, sql_user, service_account, service_account_key, iam_role, iam_group, iam_user, firestore_collection, cloud_run_revision, cloud_run_service)
  2. project_id
  3. region
  4. zone
  5. bucket_name
  6. instance_name
  7. network_name
  8. subnet_name
  9. rule_name
  10. api_name
  11. managed_service_name
  12. api_config_name
  13. api_configuration_id
  14. api_gateway_name
  15. bigtable_instance_name
  16. bigtable_cluster_id
  17. bigtable_table_id
  18. cloud_function_name
  19. kms_key_ring_name
  20. kms_key_name
  21. dns_zone_name
  22. dns_rrset_name
  23. dns_type
  24. gke_cluster_name
  25. sql_instance_name
  26. service_account_unique_id
  27. role_id
  28. group_unique_id
  29. firestore_collection_name
  30. cloud_run_service_name

Who uses cloudconsolelink?

  1. Cloudanix
  2. {Your company here} :-)

If your organization uses Cloudconsolelink, please file a PR and update this list.

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