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Python2 and Python3 SDK for the CloudGenix AppFabric

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CloudGenix Python SDK v6.2.3b1

Python2 and Python3 SDK for the CloudGenix AppFabric


Intended to be a small, lightweight SDK wrapper around the CloudGenix API for easy use. Initial version requires knowledge of JSON/Dict objects for POST/PUT/PATCH operations.


Code Example

Comes with that shows usage to get a JSON list of sites.

Super-simplified example code (rewrite of in ~4 lines of code):

# Import the CloudGenix SDK API constructor and JSON response pretty printer
from cloudgenix import API, jd

# Instantiate the CloudGenix API constructor
sdk = API()

# Call CloudGenix API login using the Interactive helpers (Handle SAML2.0 login and MSP functions too!).

# Print a dump of the list of sites for your selected account




Version Build Changes
6.2.3 b1 Support for August 2023 Controller release.
6.2.2 b1 Support for June 2023 Controller release.
6.2.1 b1 Support for April 2023 Controller release.
6.1.2 b1 Support for January 2023 Controller release.
6.1.1 b1 Support for November 2022 Controller release.
6.0.2 b1 Support for August 2022 Controller release.
6.0.1 b1 Support for June 2022 Controller release.
5.6.1 b2 Minor bugfix.
b1 Support for Sept 2021 Controller release.
5.5.3 b1 Support for June 2021 Controller release.
5.5.1 b3 Fix for issue #25.
b2 Minor bugfixes.
b1 Support for April 2021 Controller release.
5.4.3 b1 Support for October 2020 Controller release.
5.4.1 b1 Support for July 2020 Controller release.
5.3.1 b1 Support for April 2020 Controller release.
5.2.3 b1 Support for March 2020 Controller release.
5.2.1 b1 Support for January 2020 Controller release.
5.1.5 b1 Support for June 2019 Controller release.
5.1.1 b1 Support for November 2018 Controller release.
5.0.3 b2 Enhanced REST API retry handling and options.
b1 Support for September 2018 Controller release.
5.0.1 b1 Support for July 2018 Controller release, New version notifications, Depreciate legacy _single functions.
4.7.1 b1 Support for May 2018 Controller release.
4.6.1 b1 Support for Mar 2018 Controller release.
4.5.7 b1 Support for Feb 2018 Controller release, Bugfix for issue #4
4.5.5 b4 Bugfix for certain POST APIs, other minor fixes.
b3 CA Pinning update, *_single function deprecation, add missed 'security' extras requirement.
b2 Various fixes and cleanup for public release.
b1 Update for 15/12/2017 API additions.
4.5.3 b2 Initial Internal Release.

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