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Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API

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Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API

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  • Python 2.7.10+ or Python 3.6+

  • requests

  • pyaml

Install from pip with pip install cloudpassage. If you want to make modifications to the SDK you can install it in editable mode by downloading the source from this github repo, navigating to the top directory within the archive and running pip install -e . (note the . at the end).

Quick Start

Here’s the premise: you store your session configuration information (API credentials, proxy settings, etc) in the cloudpassage.HaloSession object. This object gets passed into the various class methods which allow you to interact with the CloudPassage Halo API.

Practical example: We’ll print a list of all servers in our account:

import cloudpassage

api_key = MY_HALO_API_KEY
api_secret = MY_API_SECRET
session = cloudpassage.HaloSession(api_key, api_secret)
server = cloudpassage.Server(session)

list_of_servers = server.list_all()
for s in list_of_servers:
    print("ID: {}   Name: {}".format(s["id"], s["hostname"]))


Where to download

Documentation can be found at


Testing procedure is documented at:


v1.6.4 (2022-06-22)


  • Fixed policy list failures. [Thomas Miller]

v1.6.3 (2022-05-23)


  • Upgrade all deprecated CloudPassage HALO Endpoints. [Thomas Miller]



  • Add max_pages optional param to Issue list_all method. [Paul Chang]

  • Add support for Container Secure endpoints. [Paul Chang]

v1.5.0 (2019-07-27)


  • Styling for tests. [Paul Chang]

  • More styles. [Paul Chang]

  • Styling. [Paul Chang]

  • Add docs for CSP. [Paul Chang]

  • Add support for Cloud Secure endpoints. [Paul Chang]


  • Fixed validation failures on v3 issues ID format. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #194

v1.4.0 (2019-06-11)


  • API version selectors for abstractions. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #181

  • Create stream() generator method in Event class. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #179


  • Using safer yaml.SafeLoader in ApiKeyManager. [Ash Wilson]

  • Update version pin for pytest. [Ash Wilson]

  • Add docs for CveDetails. [Ash Wilson]

v1.3.0 (2019-03-01)


  • Added list_packages() to Server() object. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #165

v1.2.2 (2018-10-31)


  • Python 3.6.5 support. [Ash Wilson]

v1.2 (2018-10-28)


  • Python 3.7 support. [Ash Wilson]


  • Improved deduplication in TimeSeries class. [Ash Wilson]

    Expanded deduplication routine to compare against prior batch of objects from API. In some extremely rare circumstances, multiple different events with the exact same timestamp would slip through the deduplication routine TimeSeries.remove_duplicate_items. This patch improves deduplication while still using the object’s timestamp as a cursor.

    Closes #142

  • Improve documentation of Server() instance methods. [Ash Wilson]

v1.1.5 (2018-09-15)


  • Use connection pooling. [Ash Wilson]

    The SDK now uses connection pooling via the requests.Session() object. This brings performance benefits as the SDK will no longer need to open a new TLS connection for every interaction with the CloudPassage API.

    Connection pool minimum of 1, max of 10 concurrent connections in session. Closes #112

    Exponential backoff implemented via requests, 5 tries max.

    Retry happens in requests via HTTPAdapter for everything but re-auth, which is caught and retried in SDK. Closes #113

    Migrated CI testing environment. Closes #114


  • Codeclimate coverage for master branch. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #121

  • Testing matrix includes Python2.7.10 and 2.7.15. [Ash Wilson]

    We can add more over time, as the need arises. Adding another version of Python adds around 12 minutes to total CI time per commit, and tests cannot be run in parallel. Closes #115

  • Updated requests version pin to >=2.18. [Ash Wilson]

    Removed requirements.txt file, which was unnecessary. The file is used by easy_install to ensure dependencies are in place. Closes #118


  • Use uuid to generate random alert profile and server group name. [Hana Lee]

v1.1.4 (2018-03-12)

  • V1.1.4. [Jye Lee]

v1.1.3 (2018-03-08)

  • V1.1.3. [Jye Lee]

    CS-479 add 429 exception chg: usr: Add TimeSeries().stop, which allows a cleaner exit for event/scan/issue streams.

  • V1.1.2 added merge multiple servers to server group. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-458 Python SDK: Move multiple servers into a target group. [Hana Lee]

v1.1.2 (2018-02-26)

  • V1.1.2 added merge multiple servers to server group. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-458 Python SDK: Move multiple servers into a target group. [Hana Lee]

v1.1.1 (2018-02-17)


  • Adding tests for TimeSeries() for events, scans, and issues endpoints. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding docs for TimeSeries class. [Ash Wilson]


  • V1.1.1. [Jye Lee]

v1.1 (2018-01-05)

  • V1.1. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-426 add Agent Upgrades class. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-428 Add CveDetails class. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-428 Add CveDetails class. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-429 add cve exceptions class. [Hana Lee]

  • Conflict. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-427 add processes endpoint to servers class. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-427 add processes endpoint to servers class. [Hana Lee]

  • Add Accept-Encoding ‘gzip’ [Jye Lee]

  • Add Accept-Encoding ‘gzip’ [Jye Lee]

  • CS-359 Added traffic discovery endpoint to Server and ServerGroup classes. [Hana Lee]

  • Rev to v1.0.6.8. [Jye Lee]

  • Rev to v1.0.6.7. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-322 Fix naming from Server to Issue. [Jye Lee]

  • V1.0.6.6. [Jye Lee]

    flake8: expected 2 blank lines, found 1

  • This is it @2. [Hana Lee]

  • This is it. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: see travis. [Hana Lee]

  • Test:add +x. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: use [Hana Lee]

  • Test: edit yml. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: [Hana Lee]

  • Test: script onlt. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: added if statement. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: took up typo. [Hana Lee]

  • Added echo branch. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: added travis after_success. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: print env. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: run py.test. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: run [Hana Lee]

  • Test: added ls. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: remove –it. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: show docker images. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: added image id. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: put docker run in before_install. [Hana Lee]

  • Test: using docker exec to run [Hana Lee]

  • Added [Hana Lee]

  • Edited the changelog. [Hana Lee]

  • Added converge version lock. [Hana Lee]

  • Added email notification. [Hana Lee]

  • Fix logic in api_key_manager class. [Hana Lee]

  • Modified pagination for servers endpoint. [Hana Lee]

  • Fixed logic in api key manager. [Hana Lee]

    rev init to

  • Fixed logic in api key manager. [Hana Lee]

  • Bug/CS-283 fix kwargs params if 500. [Jye Lee]

    remove unexpected spaces around =

  • Rev to [Jye Lee]

  • Bug CS-269 edit doc server_id to issue_id. [Jye Lee]

v1.0.6 (2017-05-01)

  • Rev to v1.0.6. [Jye Lee]

  • Fixed flake8. [Hana Lee]

  • Added LocalUserGroup to Fixed typo in [Hana Lee]

  • Fixed status_code 500s. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-267 add local user account endpoint to SDK. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-269 add issues endpoint to the SDK. [Jye Lee]

    added list_all, describe, and resolve methods

  • CS-259. [Jye Lee]

    Add delayed retry to http helper

  • Added required openssl version and python version. [Hana Lee]

v1.0.5 (2017-02-18)


  • Improvents to list FIM baseline with detail information. [Hana Lee]


  • Fixed Flake8 styling issue. [Hana Lee]

  • Changed the output FIM baseline to include more detail information. [Hana Lee]

  • Change the child server group name to avoid “Name Peer groups cannot have the same name” [Hana Lee]

v1.0.4 (2017-01-31)

  • Rev to v1.0.4. [Jye Lee]

  • Fixes firewall log paging. [Spencer Herzberg]

v1.0.3 (2017-01-24)


  • Improvements to server group creation, use grid-side input sanitization for post data. [Ash Wilson]


  • Rev version to 1.0.3. [Jye Lee]

  • Rev to v1.0.3 to changelog. [Jye Lee]

  • Scan history should use since and until. [Spencer Herzberg]

v1.0.1 (2016-12-02)


  • Docker image now builds with git inside, syntax fix in testing script. Set default value in ApiKeyManager for api_port to 443. New testing procedure implemented and documented. [Ash Wilson]

  • Re-ordering operations in to better converge testing file for Altered unit tests to point to converged config file. Installed package in editable mode within container in order to get coverage module working. [Ash Wilson]

  • Changed values in portal.yaml file to facilitate testing automation with [Ash Wilson]

  • Added to replace bare command in Dockerfile. This allows for dynamic testing behavior, depending on the environment variables passed into the container at runtime. [Ash Wilson]

  • Consolidated testing procedure in official, built docs. Links provided in README.rst and to published docs containing testing procedure. [Ash Wilson]


  • Fix: test: Corrected logic for running codeclimate (thanks @mong2) [Ash Wilson]


  • Remove -z from codeclimate if statement. [mong2]

v1.0 (2016-11-21)

  • Revert “remove whitelist and pagination for policies and events” [mong2]

  • Updating CHANGELOG. [Ash Wilson]

  • Changing version to 1.0, removing beta references. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding unit tests for useragent string composition. [Ash Wilson]

  • Correcting ordering of user agent string composition. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding integration strings to integration tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Correcting UA string building logic. [Ash Wilson]

  • Formatting user agent more like RFC 2616 says we should. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixed sanitizer. [Hana Lee]

  • Fixed to align with flake8. [Hana Lee]

  • Added url sanitizer. [Hana Lee]

  • Fixed expires and comments in fim_baseline create. [Hana Lee]

  • Take out whitelist from event. [Hana Lee]

  • Updating [Jye Lee]

  • Remove supported_search_fields from servers. [Jye Lee]

  • Revert “remove whitelist and pagination for policies and events” [Jye Lee]

    This reverts commit b78e40d52f08984623772417fea1660122584987.

  • Revert “remove supported_search fields and get_paginated for scan, server, and server_group class/tests” [Jye Lee]

    This reverts commit 906b1e39e55b8155340cbae340d4e8e2c813f508.

  • Remove supported_search fields and get_paginated for scan, server, and server_group class/tests. [Jye Lee]

  • Remove whitelist and pagination for policies and events. [Hana Lee]

  • Correcting installation document. [Ash Wilson]

  • Documentation improvements. Building changelog into docs, adding version indicator to index. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding links to built documentation. [Ash Wilson]

  • Improve README.rst formatting. [Ash Wilson]

  • Improving to include changelog in long description, which is published on PyPI. [Ash Wilson]

v0.101 (2016-10-18)


  • .gitchangelog.rc now takes latest version from cloudpassage/ [Ash Wilson]


  • Flake8 correction in [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-66 Remove ImportError exception for unsupported Python version. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-66 implement soft failure for wrong Python version. [Ash Wilson]

  • Correcting docs build isssues, change revision to v0.101. [Ash Wilson]


  • Add all supported search fields for servers endpoint. [Jye Lee]

v0.100 (2016-10-11)


  • Typo = should be == in requirements-testing.txt. [Jye Lee]


  • Adding [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding .gitchangelog.rc. [Ash Wilson]

  • Forget to && between commands. [Jye Lee]

  • Add apt-get install git to Dockerfile. [Jye Lee]

  • Add pytest-cov to requirements-testing and codeclimate pkg install to Dockerfile. [Jye Lee]

  • Clean up pep8 error blank line at end of file. [Jye Lee]

  • Add group_name to servers.list_all() supported fields Add parent_id to server groups create and update. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-55 fix get sam target_id to get linux only. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-53 swap the order of sdk_version_string and integration_string. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-41-2 remove sam last_scan_results retrieve. [Jye Lee]

  • Fixing testing deps. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-33 adding documentation for exception kwargs. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-37 Corrected bad path, which was breaking doc build. [Ash Wilson]

  • Documentation improvements. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-40 Improve user_agent string composition. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-39 added get_sdk_version() to utility. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-2 missed import libraries. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-2 fix alert_profile, does not have a self.policy_key. [Jye Lee]

  • Pinning pyflakes to 1.2.3. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-25 fixing spelling and variable naming in [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-25 correcting unnecessary import of sys module. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-25 re-structuring version comparator. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding travis-ci build badges for master and develop branches. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixing docs for API key manager. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-34 flake8 integration tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-35 Make unit tests flake8 compliant. [Ash Wilson]

  • Sanitize exception error codes. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-32 Re-tooling to work with flake8 v3.0. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-23 pep8 event integration tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Pointed to file that would be in an environment not configured for integrationt testing. [Ash Wilson]

  • Re-arranging tests for special events policy, getting rid of conflicting test for NotImplementedError exception. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixes to ease transition to flake8. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-31 moved from pep8 to flake8. [Ash Wilson]

  • Requirements file for testing added, updated dockerfile for flakes testing. [Ash Wilson]

  • Removing duplication detector- we will use pyflakes. [Ash Wilson]

  • First stab at codeclimate. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding codeclimate badges to READMEs. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-18 Adding RST for pypi pretties. [Ash Wilson]

  • Dockerfile-based travis config is now working. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixing WORKDIR in Dockerfile. [Ash Wilson]

  • Add -y to apt-get install. [Ash Wilson]

  • Travis to use docker for testing SDK. [Ash Wilson]

  • Correcting grammar in LICENSE. [Ash Wilson]

  • Restructuring test script. [Ash Wilson]

  • First stab at .travis.yml. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added pyflakes config. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-17 remove print and move bad_statuses into if. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-7 adding python veresion check. [Hana Lee]

  • CS-7 do not support less than python 2.7.10. [Jye Lee]

  • Used systemError and added unit test for python version CS-7. [Hana Lee]

  • All references to version number point back to file. [Ash Wilson]

  • LICENSE. [Ash Wilson]

    Adding license file

    CS-8 added issues endpoint to


    CS-8 update agent_firewall_logs to have pagination

  • DOC - Adding specific tested and supported minimum Python version. [Ash Wilson]

  • Cleaning up bad commit, redefined methods, and pep8 issues. [Ash Wilson]

  • Changed from repr to str method to prevent inclusion of superfluous quotes in string. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixing pep8. [Ash Wilson]

  • Update gitignore. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-14 Add ability and instructions for building PDF docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • CS-5 Change (true | false) to (bool) [Jye Lee]

  • CS-5 Add Critical to support search field for events, Added to DocString. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-2 CRUD for alert_profiles, Fixes squashed. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-3 Remove sam from supported_historical_scans list. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-3 Remove sam from supported_historical_scans list. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-4 Add Describe to Special Events Policies. [Jye Lee]

  • CS-6 update scan finding comment to include CSM and SVA. [Jye Lee]

  • Add exception message feature/CS-13. [Hana Lee]

  • Adding __str__ to exceptions. [mong2]

    such that error messages will be printed

v0.99 (2016-09-02)

  • LICENSE. [Ash Wilson]

    Adding license file

  • Improved parsing. [Ash Wilson]

  • Enhanced README. [Ash Wilson]

  • Changing to v0.99 for beta period. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding requests to requirements.txt. [Ash Wilson]

  • Fixed pep8 issue with == vs is. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-230 force key and secret to string. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-229 fixed type issues with api key manager, rev setup to 1.0. [Ash Wilson]

  • Remove unnecessary print statement. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-191 coe-192 Tests use port number, soft fail-around for lack of key scope. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-117 Add cleanup routines for better smoking. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-158 fix get_sam_target. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-158 fix get_sam_target. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding test cases. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-153 Bring test coverage to 95% [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-149 coe-150 pylint 10/10, deduplication of functionality. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-148 Corrected cyclic import issue in cloudpassage.sanity. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-152 Documentation update. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-152 Documentation update. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-151 Add instructions for new testing layout. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-131 coe-143 coe-147 update documentation, separate tests by type, pylint http_helper. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-144 coe-142 create test cases for new functions. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-133, 132, 130, 129, 128, 127 pylint cleanup. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-135, 136, 137, 138, 139 pylint cleanup. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-140 pylint 10/10 [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-141 Add docstrings to methods that will fail if run against an empty account. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-126 10/10 pylint for [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-125 pylint 10/10 for [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-122 Pylint 10/10, removed overrides. Refactored [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-124 pylint [Ash Wilson]

  • Corrected docstrings for pylint. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-118 pylint cloudpassage/ [Dave Doolin]

  • Completed testing docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-120 bring test coverage to 90%, make corrections in FirewallBaseline. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-85 Cleanup of, test coverage improvements. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-109 Cleaned up api_key_manager a bit, added since/until query for scans. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-111 COE-114 Added api key manager, refactored tests to be atomic, added docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-112 Adding input sanity checking for URLs constructed from method args. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-65 Change fn to utility, refactor all the things. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-108 - also advancing version to 0.9.9. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-108 changed name to hostname. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-58 Added CVE exceptions query, tests, and docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added server group delete method. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-99 coe-100 Docmentation update. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-86 coe-102 Added Events, improved test coverage and documentation. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-104 coe-103 coe-60 coe-84 coe-98 coe-97 coe-96 coe-94 coe-90 coe-89 coe-88 coe-87. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-82 coe-92 coe-103 Implement inheritance for policies, cleanup docs and tests. Complete firewall module. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-101 Adding exclusion for html docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-81 adding coverage to test runner. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-18 autogenerating docs from docstrings. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-80 coe-48 clean out imp, old cpapi functions. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-73 Adding basic firewall policy management functionality. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-72 Wrapping up FIM module. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-71 Rounding off LIDS policy-related functionality. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-78 Corrected, .gitignore. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-74 rounding out server.Server functionality. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-75 Expanding scans module. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-77 Adding basedir and config for docs. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-70 Adding configuration policy CRUD. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-69 Added server.Server.describe() method. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-64 Added server command details method. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-68 adding ServerGroup.list_members() and tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-67 Improve scan initiator and test cases. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-63 Added scan initiator module. Some integration tests will be fulfilled by coe-66. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-59 Add fn.determine_policy_metadata() with tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-44 add Server.retire() [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-55 add tests for fn.verify_pages() [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-57 Adding tests for [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-61 Adding SpecialEventsPolicy.list_all() [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-56 Add server group update capabilities. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-51 Added pep8 checking to all tests and SDK, from within tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-54 Added get_paginated(), tests, and moved ServerGroup.list_all() to it. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-53 pep-8 all the things, stub out things too. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-52 Created SystemAnouncement class. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-42 Create method and test for describing server group. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-50 Corrected according to comments on merge request. [Ash Wilson]

  • Coe-47 adding HTTP method-specific components. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-45 Added test cases pursuant to ticket details. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-43 adding getServerDetails method. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-20 Added updateServerGroup() w/ sanity checking. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-40 Get passing pep8. [Ash Wilson]

  • COE-39 removing artifacted and [Ash Wilson]

  • Changing layout and naming of project, incorporating tests. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added initiateScan() COE-36. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added ldevlin’s getAnnouncements() COE-34. [Ash Wilson]

  • Deleting foo. [Ash Wilson]

  • Updated cpapi to add group delete feature. [Ash Wilson]

  • Testing. [Ash Wilson]

  • Adding requirements. [Ash Wilson]

  • Better catching of auth faulure. [Ash Wilson]

  • Merged diff from in cpapi examples repo with this one. See COE-9. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added authTokenScope for exposing key access level. [Ash Wilson]

  • Added gitignore. [Ash Wilson]

  • Create [Ash Wilson]

  • First commit for the CloudPassage Halo Python SDK. [Apurva Singh]

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