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Parse a CMake file into an Abstract Syntax Tree.

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`cmake-ast` has been tested against every single CMake module that ships with
recent versions of CMake. These tests also run in the continuous integration
environment on each build. It supports multi-line strings and other corner


Import `cmakeast` and ASTify the contents of a cmake file with
`cmakeast.ast.parse(contents)`. You can also pass it a list of tokens obtained
by tokenization with the `tokens` keyword argument. The return will be a
toplevel node, with node descriptions as follows:


- (One) `Type`
`type: Variable | String | Number | CompoundLiteral | VariableDereference`
- (One) `String` `contents`


- (Many) (`FunctionCall`, `IfStatement`, `ForeachStatement`, `WhileStatement`)


- (One) `Word` `name`
- (Many) `Word` `arguments`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `header`
- (One) `Body` `body`
- (One) `FunctionCall` `footer`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `header`
- (One) `Body` `body`
- (One) `FunctionCall` `footer`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `header`
- (One) `Body` `body`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `header`
- (One) `Body` `body`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `header`
- (One) `Body` `body`


- (One) `IfStatement` `if_statement`
- (Many) `ElseIfStatement` `else_ifs`
- (One Optional) `ElseStatement` `else_statement`
- (One) `FunctionCall` `footer`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `foreach_function`
- (One) `Body` `body`
- (One) `FunctionCall` `footer`


- (One) `FunctionCall` `while_function`
- (One) `Body` `body`
- (One) `FunctionCall` `footer`

Each node also has a `line` and `col` member to indicate where it can be
found in the source file.

Word type aliases are stored in `WordType` inside `ast`.

Traversing the AST

CMake-AST provides a helper module `ast_visitor` to make traversing the AST
less verbose. It will traverse every single node by default. Listeners
matching the signature `def handler (name, node, depth)` can be passed as
the following keyword arguments to `recurse (body, **kwargs)`:

| Keyword | Handles Node Type |
| `toplevel` | `ToplevelBody` |
| `while_stmnt` | `WhileStatement` |
| `foreach` | `ForeachStatement` |
| `function_def` | `FunctionDefinition` |
| `macro_def` | `MacroDefinition` |
| `if_block` | `IfBlock` |
| `if_stmnt` | `IfStatement` |
| `elseif_stmnt` | `ElseIfStatement` |
| `else_stmnt` | `ElseStatement` |
| `function_call` | `FunctionCall` |
| `word` | `Word` |

Dumping the AST of a CMake file

If you wish to dump the AST of a cmake file, the `cmake-print-ast` tool is
also provided. Pass a single filename to dump the AST of to it on the
command line


To get an even lower level representation, use `cmakeast.ast.tokenize(contents)`
which divides the file only into tokens. Aliases are stored in the `TokenType`
class in `ast`. Tokens correspond as follows:

| Token Type | Description |
| `QuotedLiteral` | Something in quotes |
| `LeftParen` | `(` |
| `RightParen` | `)` |
| `Word` | Alphanumeric Sequence |
| `Number` | Numeric-Only Sequence |
| `Deref` | Alphanumeric Sequence inside `${}` |
| `RST` | Documentation Comment |
| `Comment` | Comment |
| `UnquotedLiteral` | Any character sequence, punctuation included |

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