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Unofficial wrapper for coinmarketcap api

Project description


Unofficial wrapper for coinmarketcap api

This is up to date for coinmarketcap pro-api v1.27.0.

Endpoints and their associated function

Endpoint Method
/v1/cryptocurrency/map map()
/v1/cryptocurrency/info info()
/v1/cryptocurrency/listings/latest listings()
/v1/cryptocurrency/listings/historical historical_listings()
/v1/cryptocurrency/quotes/latest quotes()
/v1/cryptocurrency/quotes/historical historical_quotes()
/v1/cryptocurrency/market-pairs/latest -
/v1/cryptocurrency/ohlcv/latest -
/v1/cryptocurrency/ohlcv/historical -
/v1/cryptocurrency/price-performance-stats/latest -
/v1/exchange/map map('exchange')
/v1/exchange/info info('exchange')
/v1/exchange/listings/latest listings('exchange')
/v1/exchange/listings/historical historical_listings('exchange')
/v1/exchange/quotes/latest quotes('exchange')
/v1/exchange/quotes/historical historical_quotes('exchange')
/v1/exchange/market-pairs/latest -
/v1/global-metrics/quotes/latest quotes('global-metrics')
/v1/global-metrics/quotes/historical historical_quotes('global-metrics')
/v1/tools/price-conversion -
/v1/blockchain/statistics/latest -
/v1/fiat/map map('fiat')
/v1/partners/flipside-crypto/fcas/listings/latest -
/v1/partners/flipside-crypto/fcas/quotes/latest -
/v1/key/info key_info() or info('key')

Note: Every method takes in parameters as kwargs. - would be added later.


Method 1

pip install cmc-api

Method 2

pip install git+

Method 3

git clone
cd cmc-api
python install

Quick start guide


from cmc_api import CoinMarketCap

Quick start with sandbox.

cmc = CoinMarketCap(root='sandbox')

# List all cryptocurrency in coinmarketcap

# Get latest listings

To use pro-api, A registered key from coinmarketcap is required. This key can be added to environment variable as CMC_PRO_API_KEY. After, the api can be used as:

cmc = CoinMarketCap()

If CMC_PRO_API_KEY is not in environment variable, then the key needs to be passed as argument.

cmc = CoinMarketCap(YOUR_API_KEY)

Passing parameters

You can pass parameters to send along with the request in each method. This can be passed in as keyword arguments.

keyword arguments'exchange', id=[2,270])

kwargs as dict

Get all listing with price between $1 and $10, and market cap between $1B and $10B.

parameters = {
    'price_min': 1,
    'price_max': 10,
    'market_cap_min': 1000000000,
    'market_cap_max': 10000000000
data = cmc.listings(**parameters)

Documentation here

coinmarketcap best practices

Project details

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cmc-api-0.0.1.tar.gz (7.9 kB view hashes)

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cmc_api-0.0.1-py3-none-any.whl (6.6 kB view hashes)

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