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Connexions CNXML Library

Project description

CNXML Library

This is a python library for working with CNXML content, which includes the CNXML and COLLXML formats.


This library requires Python >=3.5.

Install using:

pip install -e "."


Use the tox to run the tests:


If tox is not installed, run the following:

pip install tox

Edit/Validate files using


  1. Install

  2. Get the cnxml RNG Schema files

    1. Download the most recent version from (click the “zip” link)

      • It should be in your Download foler

      • Move it to ~/.neb/

    2. Unzip the file

    3. It should have created a folder named something like cnxml-2.0.0 (with /cnxml/xml/cnxml/schema/rng/0.7/cnxml-jing.rng in it)

    4. Rename the folder to be something you are unlikely to accidentally delete (like cnxml-validation)

      • Remember the name for later when you are editing ~/.atom/config.cson


  1. Start up Atom

  2. Install the linter-autocomplete-jing package

  3. Type <kbd>⌘</kbd>+<kbd>,</kbd> (for Mac) to open Settings (or click Atom, Preferences… in the menu bar)

    1. Click Install in the left-hand-side

    2. Enter linter-autocomplete-jing and click Install

    3. Alternative: run apm install linter-autocomplete-jing from the commandline

  4. Edit ~/.atom/config.cson by clicking Atom, Config in the menu bar and add the following lines (at the bottom of this document)

  5. Restart Atom

  6. Open an unzipped complete-zip. (I run atom ~/Downloads/col1234_complete From a terminal)

  7. Verify by opening an index.cnxml file and typing in <figure> somewhere in the file. If it is a valid location then it should auto-add id=”” for you

Changes to ~/.atom/config.cson:


      # Add this to the bottom of the customFileTypes area.
      # Note: Indentation is important!
      "text.xml": [

  # And then this to the bottom of the file
  # 1. Make sure "linter-autocomplete-jing" only occurs once in this file!
  # 1. make sure it is indented by 2 spaces just like it is in this example.

    displaySchemaWarnings: true
    rules: [
        priority: 1
          pathRegex: ".cnxml$"
          schemaProps: [
              lang: "rng"
              path: "~/.neb/cnxml-validation/cnxml/xml/cnxml/schema/rng/0.7/cnxml-jing.rng"


This software is subject to the provisions of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.0 (AGPL). See license.txt for details. Copyright (c) 2016 Rice University

Change Log


  • Add structured parsing of licenses (#56)

  • Ensure that https is acceptable in license urls (#57)


  • Fix derived metadata validation error (#49)


  • Require md:language for collxml but not cnxml (#39)


  • Make module titles in collection optional (#35)


  • Support using document title once it is removed from metadata (#33)

  • Remove some metadata unused by git storage (#32)


  • Update schema and add support for slug in metadata (#30)


  • Add support for new optional metadata (#28)


  • Relax required information when parsing metadata (#25)


  • Re-release of 3.0.0


  • Add tests for cnxml <md:derived-from …> validation

  • Fix failing derived-from cnxml validation tests

  • Use a self-closing md:derived-from as the valid repr

  • Move the metadata parsing from Press to cnxml (#20)

  • Add a CLI utility for extracting cnxml metadata to json (#22)


  • Extend validation API to accept multiple documents to validate


  • Tweak mdml schema to properly allow any metadata element under derived-from


  • Remove external pathlib dependency

  • Drop support for Python <= 2.7

  • Use versioneer for project versioning

  • Correct license in

  • Add instructions to validate with the editor


  • Add a commandline interface for collxml validation

  • Rename main cli function to make room for another entrypoint

  • Make the metadata section required in collxml

  • Add collxml validation function


  • Use a namedtuple for validation error line data.


  • Initial release.

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