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Extract and process code blocks from Markdown files.

Project description


Extract and process code blocks from Markdown files. Now you can keep code examples automatically:

  • formatted (e.g. using black for Python)
  • type checked
  • unit tested
  • linted
  • up-to-date with --help
  • etc


With pip:

pip install codeblocks

With poetry:

poetry add codeblocks


Usage: codeblocks [OPTIONS] LANGUAGE FILE [COMMAND]...

  Extract or process LANGUAGE code blocks in Markdown FILE.

  Extract Python code blocks:
      codeblocks python

  Reformat Python code blocks using black, in place:
      codeblocks python -- black -

  --wrap   Wrap each code block in a function.
  --check  Do not modify the file, just return the status. Return code 0 means
           block matches the command output. Return code 1 means block would
           be modified.

  --help   Show this message and exit.


Extract Python code blocks:

codeblocks python

Check formatting of Python code blocks with black:

codeblocks --check python -- black -

Reformat Python code blocks with black, in place:

codeblocks python -- black -

Type check Python code blocks with mypy (--wrap puts each code block into its own function):

mypy somemodule anothermodule <(codeblocks python --wrap

Insert the output of codeblock --help into usage block in this

codeblocks usage -- codeblocks --help

Check that usage block in this is up-to-date with --help output:

codeblocks --check usage -- codeblocks --help

Full type checking example

def plus(x: int, y: int) -> int:
    return x + y

plus(1, '2')
$ mypy --pretty --strict <(codeblocks python
/dev/fd/63:5: error: Argument 2 to "plus" has incompatible type "str"; expected "int"
        plus(1, '2')
Found 1 error in 1 file (checked 1 source file)


There are alternative tools, but none of them supported all of the cases above.

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