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CLI tools used in Codemagic builds

Project description

Codemagic CLI Tools

Codemagic CLI Tools are a set of command-line utilities for managing Android and iOS app builds, code signing, and deployment. The tools are used to power mobile app builds at but can be also used in other virtual environments or locally.


Codemagic CLI Tools are available on PyPI and can be installed and updated using pip.

python -m pip install codemagic-cli-tools

The package requires Python version 3.7+.

Command line usage

Installing the package adds the following executables to your path:

Online documentation for all installed executables can be found under docs.

Alternatively, you could see the documentation by using --help option from command line:

<command> --help

to see general description and subcommands for the tool, or

<command> <subcommand> --help

to get detailed information of the subcommand.

For example:

$ keychain create --help
usage: keychain create [-h] [--log-stream {stderr,stdout}] [--no-color] [--version] [-s] [-v] [-pw PASSWORD] [-p PATH]

Create a macOS keychain, add it to the search list

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Optional arguments for command create:
  -pw PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Keychain password. Alternatively to entering PASSWORD in plaintext, it may also be specified using the "@env:" prefix followed by an environment variable name, or the "@file:" prefix followed by a path to the file containing the value. Example: "@env:<variable>" uses the value in the environment variable named "<variable>", and "@file:<file_path>" uses the value from the file at "<file_path>". [Default: '']

  --log-stream {stderr,stdout}
                        Log output stream. [Default: stderr]
  --no-color            Do not use ANSI colors to format terminal output
  --version             Show tool version and exit
  -s, --silent          Disable log output for commands
  -v, --verbose         Enable verbose logging for commands

Optional arguments for keychain:
  -p PATH, --path PATH  Keychain path. If not provided, the system default keychain will be used instead

Usage from Python

In addition to the command line interface, the package also provides a mirroring Python API. All utilities that are available as CLI tools are accessible from Python in package The CLI actions are instance methods that are decorated by the action decorator. For example, you can use the Keychain tool from Python source as follows:

In [1]: from pathlib import Path

In [2]: from import Keychain

In [3]: Keychain().get_default()
Out[3]: PosixPath('/Users/priit/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db')

In [4]: keychain = Keychain(Path("/tmp/new.keychain"))

In [5]: keychain.create()
Out[5]: PosixPath('/tmp/new.keychain')

In [6]: keychain.make_default()

In [7]: Keychain().get_default()
Out[7]: PosixPath('/private/tmp/new.keychain')


This project uses Poetry to manage dependencies. Before starting development, please ensure that your machine has Poetry available. Installation instructions can be found from their docs.

Assuming you've already cloned the repository itself, or a fork of it, you can get started by running

poetry install

This will install all required dependencies specified in the poetry.lock file.

The source code of the project lives inside the src directory and tests are implemented in the tests directory.

Code style and formatting

Automatic formatting checks are enforced using Flake8 and isort.

Invoke Flake8 checks from repository root directory with

poetry run flake8 .

Ensure that all imports are ordered as expected using isort from the repository root with

poetry run isort --check-only .

Static type checks

A huge portion of the Python source code has type hints, and all public methods or functions are expected to have type hints. Static type checks of the source code are performed using Mypy from the repository root by running

poetry run mypy src

Running tests

Pytest is used as the framework. As mentioned above, tests are stored in the tests directory, separated from package source code. Test code layout mirrors the structure of the codemagic package in the source directory.

Tests can be started by running the following command from the repository root:

poetry run pytest

Note that tests that target App Store Connect API or Google Play Developer API live endpoints are skipped by default for obvious reasons. They can be enabled (either for TDD or other reasons) by setting the environment variable RUN_LIVE_API_TESTS to any non-empty value.

Note that for the tests to run successfully, you'd have to define the following environment variables:

  • For App Store Connect:

    export TEST_APPLE_KEY_IDENTIFIER=...  # Key ID
    export TEST_APPLE_ISSUER_ID=...  # Issued ID

    And either of the two:

    export TEST_APPLE_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH=...  # Path to private key in .p8 format
    export TEST_APPLE_PRIVATE_KEY_CONTENT=...  # Content of .p8 private key

    Those can be obtained from App Store Connect -> Users and Access -> Keys. For more information follow Apple's official documentation about Creating API Keys for App Store Connect API.

  • For Google Play:

    export TEST_GCLOUD_PACKAGE_NAME=... # Package name (Ex:'

    And either of the two:

    export TEST_GCLOUD_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALS_PATH=... # Path to gcloud service account creedentials with `JSON` key type
    export TEST_GCLOUD_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALS_CONTENT=... # Content of gcloud service account creedentials with `JSON` key type
  • For Firebase: Either of the two:

    export TEST_FIREBASE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALS_PATH=... # Path to gcloud service account creedentials with `JSON` key type
    export TEST_FIREBASE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALS_CONTENT=... # Content of gcloud service account creedentials with `JSON` key type

Pre-commit hooks

Optionally, the pre-commit framework can be used to ensure that the source code updates are compliant with all the rules mentioned above.

Installation instructions are available in their docs.

The repository already contains pre-configured .pre-commit-config.yaml, so to enable the hooks, just run

pre-commit install

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