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CoroutinePoolExecutor compatible to ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor

Project description

Though CoExecutor uses 1 CPU core at any time,

limitations such as ‘max_workers’ are needed for limiting concurrent asyncio connections.

This is useful when you are building a asyncio-based web crawler.

It is designed to have exactly same result with respect to python’s ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor.

Also, CoExecutor supports additional features like ‘limit’ or ‘out_of_order’.…, limit=X) limits the number of pending futures (done, but not collected yet).…, out_of_order=True) ignores the input iterator’s ordering.

The results are collected by the termination order of the jobs.

CoExecutor constructor requires a loop to rely on.

With debug=True, it will print the number of active coroutines per second.

Works with Python3.5+.

Project details

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