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Collectd plugin to poll for Gnocchi Status.

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This plugin provides valuable insight into your metrics and measures backlog of Gnocchi when installed in an OpenStack environment. It costs an API call to Gnocchi status API every $interval (set in the collectd config file per the plugin). Gnocchi is a component of the OpenStack Telemetry project for Metric-as-a-Service.

Sample Graph

Sample Graph


  1. Assuming you have collectd installed already, append the following plugin details to your collectd.conf config file

    <LoadPlugin python>
      Globals true
    <Plugin python>
      LogTraces true
      Interactive false
      Import "collectd_gnocchi_status"
      <Module collectd_gnocchi_status>
        interval 30
  2. Setup your environment variables in the collectd systemd unit file

    # Populate the following variables with your stackrc/overcloudrc or openstackrc file
    # Tenant v1&v2 api, project for v3 api
    # End Environment variables to configure
  3. Install plugin

    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# pip install collectd-gnocchi-status
  4. Reload Systemd units

    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# systemctl daemon-reload
  5. Restart collectd

    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# systemctl restart collectd
  6. View metrics on Gnocchi in your TSDB

Graphite storage-aggregation.conf Example

Included in the repo is an example Graphite storage-aggregation.conf (sample-storage-aggregation.conf) to ensure that your Gnocchi status metrics are not lost due to your retention sizing (Ex. 10s:7d,60s:90d,1h:180d) < the interval (30s) this plugin is set to collect and publish samples. Simply copy and paste the example, into your /etc/carbon/storage-aggregation.conf file on your Graphite server prior to pushing these metrics and restart carbon-cache to reload this configuration. If the metrics have already been pushed, you must either use whisper-resize (included with Graphite) or remove the corresponding whisper files after restarting carbon-cache to allow carbon to rebuild them with the new parameters in storage-aggregation.conf.




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