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Add-on for having Collections' results presented as a nice carousel

Project description


collective.carousel is the package that lets you add "carousels" of items in
your Plone site. More than one carousels on one page are supported.

collective.carousel is based on `Scrollable`__ plugin for `JQuery Tools

.. |---| unicode:: U+2014 .. em dash
.. __:
.. __:

How to get a carousel?

Work of carousel is based on one assumption |---| you already have a
collection that returns results for showing in the carousel.

Carousel can be added in 2 ways:

* as a viewlet above page's title (content carousel);
* as a portlet to any portlet manager in your site.

Carousel above page's title (Content carousel).

* Go to ``Edit`` tab on a page where you want to add a carousel;
* go to ``Settings``;
* add a collection that will provide content for carousel to ``Carousel
object`` field;
* if you want to add more than one carousel, add more collections to the
same field;
* after saving your page, you should see the carousel(s) above your page's
title if the collection(s) you chose for the carousel(s) returns any

Carousel in a portlet.

* On a page where you want to add a carousel click ``Manage portlets`` in
one of the columns of your site;
* choose ``Carousel portlet`` from ``Add portlet...`` menu;
* collection portlet is a derivative from standard collection portlet in
Plone, hence the same fields are available for this type of portlets as
* fill out the fields in the form specifying a collection that will
provide content for the carousel portlet.

**NOTE** content carousels are not inheritable while carousel portlet is
inheritable as any other portlet in a Plone site. This means that when you add
a content carousel to a folder, the same carousel will not be shown on any
object within that folder. At the same time if you add a carousel portlet on a
folder, that portlet will be shown for all objects within the folder that
don't explicitly block parent portlets.


What if I want to move carousel to another place?
Content carousel is defined with a regular viewlet. This lets you to move that
viewlet to any place in your site the same way you would do with any other
viewlet. Read `Moving a viewlet from a viewlet manager to another one`__ for
more info on how to move viewlets from one viewlet manager to another.

.. __:

How do I customize carousel's view?
collective.carousel provides a flexible way of customizing the look of items,
shown in a carousel based on a content type of the item. collective.carousel
comes with 2 bundled views that are available for items, rendered in a

* `browser/templates/` |---| defines how News Items should
be rendered in a carousel;
* `browser/templates/` |---| how all the rest content types
should be rendered in a carousel.

If you need to either override one of the existing views or define a new view
for any content type you can do this from your package using ZCML
registartion. Please take a look at `browser/configure.zcml` and
`testing.zcml` for examples of such registrations. Note that there are pages
with 2 different names:

* `carousel-view` |---| defines a view for a content type in content
* `carousel-portlet-view` |---| the view for a content type when shown in a
carousel portlet.

So if you need to override/register a view for any specific content type for
content carousel, your `<browser:page />` has to have `carousel-view` name. In
case you want to override/register a view for carousel portlet, name should be

I need to do something once the carousel is fully loaded.
The simplest use-case |---| you have some content carousels placed in a row
side by side. Most probably your carousels have different heights and that
doesn't look nice when they are placed side by side. So you want to equalize
the heights of these carousels with Javascript so that your carousels have the
same height. Since collective.carousel already binds ``load()`` event to each
carousel (resizing the carousel to fit all of it's content) you can not bind
one more ``load()`` event to a carousel because due to the nature of
``load()`` event it might be fired too early when not all content of a
carousel is loaded.

For the cases like this collective.carousel provides custom Javascript event
``resized.carousel`` that you can attach your special handlers to. Moreover
each carousel returns it's height that can be accessed in ``resized.carousel``

Here is a simple code snippet of how to adjust the heights of carousels with

$("#my-container .carousel").bind('resized.carousel', function(event, newheight) {
$("#my-container .carousel").each(function() {
if ($(this).height() < newheight) $(this).height(newheight);

Developed by **Jarn AS** |---|

Development sponsored by the **Bergen Public Library** |---|


`collective.carouselbehaviour`_ provides Dexterity-based (````) content types support.

.. |---| unicode:: U+2014 .. em dash
.. _collective.carouselbehaviour:


1.7 (2014-04-30)

- Edited the css/html/js so that carousel uses the .collective.carousel
selector. Fixes this issue:

- Play/Autoscroll the carousel again, when the mouse leaves the carousel.

- Remove skins layer and register css and js browser resources. Don't use dtml
css anymore but let integrators overload styles via own css. Optimize
javascript and CSS.

- Added description for dexterity support

1.6.2 - August 28, 2013

- Allow configuring of image_scales in portlets.

- Added to prevent issues with packaging.

1.6.1 - May 2, 2013

- Remove stale pdb statement.

1.6 - April 11, 2013

- Depend on and include the scrollable plugins. Include
an Upgrade step for it (Upgrade 1 to 2).

1.5 - March 2, 2013

- Support for new-style Collection type keeping backwards-compatibility
support for the old-style Topic
[mishunov, ableeb]

- Don't base the carousel portlet on the collection one since it brings quite
some unnecessary fileds that don't make sense in this context.

- Reduced the default rotation time for a carousel to 10 seconds.

- Replace '$' with 'jQuery' in the javascript to avoid unnecessary integration

- We use plain CSS instead of the images for the arrows.

- Updated bundled jQueryTools to 1.2.5 and removed 'scrollable' module from
the local copy.

- Complete revert of djay's changes to the javascript.

- Add French translation.

1.4 - January 27, 2011

- Spanish translation.

- Czech translation.

- More settings for carousel portlet.

- Pause carousel on :hover.

- Leadimage tile.

- Danish translation

- Portuguese translation

1.3 - July 6, 2010

- Fixed norwegian translation

- Actual russian translation missing in previous release

1.2 - June 30, 2010

- Russian translation

1.1 - June 30, 2010

- Norwegian translation
[sh, ggozad]

- Brazilian-Portuguese translation

- Added i18n support

- Fixed the height of the carousel for cases when items are shorter than the
carousel's height declared in CSS.

1.0 - April 15, 2010

- Added information about 'resized.carousel' event to README.txt

- Custom 'resized.carousel' event for being able to bind custom
handlers to the moment when a carousel is re-sized.

- Limit number of items returned by a carousel to 7.

- Adjusted slightly to work on Plone 4.

- Initial release

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