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Plone addon for filtering collection results.

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Faceted navigation filter for collection or contentlisting tiles.

This Plone 5 addon allows you to filter listing results for fields which are indexed in the catalog (Plones internal search tool). For example, you can add a subject filter, but also a filter for authors or portal types.

The filter types can be extended (see: collective.collectionfilter.vocabularies).

There are three portlets/tiles available for filtering:

Collection Filter

a list with values (select, radio, checkbox, link) you can filter on

Collection Search

a SearchableText input field to do a fulltextsearch on the collection results

Collection Maps

a LeafletJS map which shows and filters IGeolocatable items on it (this feature is available if collective.geolocationbehavior is installed and the behavior is activated on a contenttype. See installation notes below)

Collection Result Listing Sort

a list of indexes where the user can sort the filtered result listing

Collection Filter Reset

a link to reset all filters

Filter Results of Collections

Add as many filter/search portlets directly to a collection.

When you select values from the filter the results are loaded asynchronously onto the page (no page refresh). Unless you turn off ajax loading in the registry or are using Plone 5.0. If you are using special theme or view template you can customize Content Selector and/or `View Template` to ensure ajax loading works correctly. Make sure the selector exists on the source collection template and on the target page which shows the filtered results.

It is also possible to use filter portlets that aren’t directly on a collection by specifying a target collection. To use ajax loading you will need to ensure your content selector is visible on the page. If not using ajax loading selecting a filter option will redirect you to the collection.

Mosaic Integration

Use the package extra to install the required dependencies:

eggs +=

The three tiles can be added within the Mosaic editor multiple times. Just select them in the Insert menu and assign a collection to it. To show the results of the collection simply add a Content Listing tile.

It’s possible to use multiple content listings and multiple filters on the same page by specifying additional unique classes in the listing tiles settings and then adding these classes to the Content Selector setting of the filter tile.

If you want to use filter tiles with a collection then add a content listing tile with the setting to use the query from the context. It is also possible to use the Embed content tile if there is a unique selector on your collection view.

Geolocation filter support

If collective.geolocationbehavior is installed, this package provides a LeafletJS Maps tile/portlet which shows each item of a collection result if the IGeolocatable information is available. In addition you can activate the Narrow down results checkbox to narrow down the collection result and other available filter tiles/portlets if the user moves or zooms the map.

We provide a package extra to install all required dependencies with their according versions. Simply do this somewhere in your buildout:

eggs +=

Overloading GroupByCriteria

collective.collectionfilter.vocabularies.GroupByCriteria is a singleton, registered as global utility and used to provide a list of possible indices, which grouped values will provide your filter criteria.

It uses a data structure like this:

self._groupby = {
    it: {                   # Index name
        'index': it,             # Name of the index to use
        'metadata': it,          # Name of the metadata column to use
        'display_modifier': _ ,  # Function to prepare the metadata column value for displaying
        'index_modifier': None,  # Function to transform the index search value.
        'value_blacklist': [],   # Blacklist of index values, which should not included in the filter selection. Can be a callable.
        'sort_key_function': lambda it: it['title'].lower(),  # sort key function. defaults to a lower-cased title
    for it in metadata

As you can see, the standard GroupByCriteriaVocabulary implementation implies, that the index name is the same as the metadata column name. Also, we use the collective.collectionfilter message catalog as standard display_modifier (you can register translations under the collective.collectionfilter domain to translate index values).

If you need a special display_modifier, or index or metadata columns do not have the same identifier, you can modify this data structure. For that, register an adapter for IGroupByModifier, which adapts to the GroupByCriteria utility. Within this adapter, you can modify the already populated _groupby attribute (do not use the groupby, which is a property method and at this point hasn’t finished).

This is how.

Write an adapter:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from collective.collectionfilter.interfaces import IGroupByCriteria
from collective.collectionfilter.interfaces import IGroupByModifier
from zope.component import adapter
from zope.interface import implementer

sort_map = {
    'VALUE1': 3,
    'VALUE2': 1,
    'VALUE3': 2,

def subjectsort(it):
    # Sorts the value after a fixed sort map
    val = it['title']
    return sort_map.get(val, 0)

def groupby_modifier(groupby):
    groupby._groupby['Subject']['display_modifier'] = lambda x, idx: x.upper()
    groupby._groupby['Subject']['sort_key_function'] = subjectsort
    groupby._groupby['my_new_index'] = {
        'index': 'my_new_index',
        'metadata': 'my_new_index_metadata_colum',
        'display_modifier': lambda it, idx: u'this is awesome: {0}'.format(it)

Register the adapter:

<configure xmlns="">
  <adapter factory=".collectionfilter.groupby_modifier" name="modifier_1" />


Your adapter is called by collective.collectionfilter.vocabularies.GroupByCriteria.groupby.


  • Version 5.x is compatible with Plone 6.x+

  • Version 4.x is compatible with Plone 5.2+

  • Version 3.x is compatible with Plone 5.0.x and 5.1.x

If your theme doesn’t work well with AJAX loading this can be overridden in the registry or via diazo.


  • Johannes Raggam

  • Peter Holzer

This package is based on collective.portlet.collectionfilter and collective.portlet.collectionbysubject.

5.2.0 (2023-09-27)

New features:

  • Add a Reset Button to Reset all Filters. [toalba, jensens] (reset-button)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix German label from ‘Portlet Titel’ to ‘Filtertitel’. [jensens] (detranslation)

5.1.1 (2023-08-08)

New features:

  • Implement CSS class for disabling collectionfilter:reload event when links in enhanced custom filter templates are designed for other actions (eg. dropdowns or collapsibles). [petschki] (#201)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix selecting default content_selector for mosaic pages with contentlisting tile. [petschki] (#202)

5.1 (2023-08-02)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix filter tiles when more than one contentlisting is on the same page. [petschki] (#150)


  • Update configuration files. [plone devs] (8af8caab)


5.1 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

5.0 (2023-06-07)

  • implement geojson_ajaxurl property for pat-leaflet to load geojson information asynchronously. [petschki]

  • Fix translations for swiss german [agitator]

5.0a2 (2022-06-20)

  • Updated classifiers [petschki]

5.0a1 (2022-06-20)

Breaking Change:

  • add Plone 6 ES6 compatible Bundle

  • add Plone 6 ES6 compatible JS and SCSS resources

  • add Plone 6 Javascript Bundle Infrastructure

  • update Portlet Template, Plone 6 ready, use the ‘cards’ Element

  • add Upgrade Step to remove old registry settings

  • increment Version in Metadata

  • add tox Test Instrastructure

  • update github workflow, remove Plone 5 from matrix [1letter]

4.0 (2022-05-10)

Breaking Change:

  • Remove Plone 5.0 and 5.1 support. [petschki]

  • Add idx parameter to display_modifier call, so that we can use the index name to resolve the correct translated taxonomy titles in collective.taxonomy. This means that the display_modifier method in the groupby_modifier adapters needs to expect this parameter too! [MrTango]


  • Add checkbox to reverse output the filters. [jensens]

  • Support and Test Plone 6. [jensens]

  • Add a module global COLLECTIONISH_TARGETS to c.c.tiles to register other tiles with collections than [jensens]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix b_start in tiles, where the key is pre/postfixed. Removes those from new filters too, in order to not be on a page that does not exist for the new filtered result. [jensens]

  • Not every metadata entry has an index with same name. Ignore if not a pair. [jensens]

  • Fix/Workaround for #59 (Int fields in indexes are not working). [jensens]

  • Hide uninstall profiles from install view. [jensens]

  • Fix edge cases where “All” wasn’t translated. [agitator]

  • Ensure a GroupByCriteria’s sort_key_function function lower() call gets a string. [jensens]

  • Fixed searches for only non-alphanumeric characters causing an exception to be displayed. [JeffersonBledsoe]


  • Code-Style Black and Isort [jensens]

3.5.1 (2021-05-26)

  • Updated de and ch-de translations [agitator]

3.5 (2021-05-26)

  • Use collection from context as default. target_collection is now used to select an alternative collection as result source. This allows to copy and paste preconfigured collections for reuse without reconfiguring each filter element. [agitator]

  • Fix search which include the terms “and”, “or” and “not” [jeffersonbledsoe]

3.4.2 (2021-02-25)

  • Do not render filter tiles when page gets AJAX loaded [petschki]

  • Do not add hidden field collectionfilter multiple times. Fixes #116 [petschki]

3.4.1 (2020-06-18)

  • Separated translation display_modifier for portal_type and Type. [iham]

3.4 (2020-06-16)


  • Add sorting tile/portlet to populate selected sort indexes to enduser [petschki]

  • Added translation display_modifier for portal_type and Type. [iham]

Bug fixes:

  • fix filter_type for indexes without operator capability. Fixes #74 [petschki]

3.3 (2020-01-22)

  • Fix is_available property [agitator]

  • Added css_modifier to extend css class of a filter item [agitator]

  • Fix check for boolean values. [tmassman]

  • fix translation of filter_value [petschki]

3.2.1 (2019-08-07)

Bug fixes:

  • fix bug introduced with pattern option ajaxLoad [petschki]

3.2 (2019-07-23)


  • Restore 5.0.x compatibility [djay, quang]

  • Make ajax loading of results and portlets a pattern option is themers can override it [quang]

  • change collection picker to show parent by default so you don’t have to click backwards [djay]

Bug fixes:

  • Fix double display of portlets profile [agitator]

  • Fix bug where filter urls was getting utf encoded then made into unicode again [djay]

  • Fix 5.2 where operators should not be used on all index types [djay]

  • Fix unfiltered results appearing in next page of batch [djay]

  • Fix bug where portlets didn’t work without GeoLocation dependencies [djay]

3.1 (2019-06-06)

New features:

  • Geolocation filter. [petschki, thet]

Bug fixes:

  • Remove dependency on [agitator]

  • Constrain target collection to a configurable registry value. The default is ['Collection', ]. [petschki]

  • Fix non-interable catalog metadata values for Python 3. [petschki]

  • Use Map Layer translations from plone.formwidget.geolocation [petschki]

  • Fix None value in safe_interable [petschki]

  • Fix for empty SearchableText field (see #56) [petschki]

3.0 (2019-03-25)

Breaking changes:

  • Remove support for Plone < 5.1. [petschki]

New features:

  • Python 3 compatibility. [petschki]

  • Test setup [petschki]

Bug fixes:

  • fix bug in @@render-portlet for Python 3. NOTE on Python 3: this required >= 4.4.2 [petschki]

2.1 (2019-03-22)

New features:

  • Python 3 compatibility. [agitator]

Bug fixes:

  • Do not render an empty filterClassName. [thet]

  • patCollectionFilter is not in settings, it’s in view. [agitator]

  • Fix styles for long/multiline filter terms [agitator]

2.0.1 (2018-12-13)

  • Fix upgrade steps and reapply profile to fix bundle registration Remove conditional reinitialization - caused problems with other patterns [agitator]

2.0 (2018-12-08)

Breaking changes:

  • Remove the cache_time setting and replace it with cache_enabled.

  • changed view attribute header_title to title.

  • Depend on All target collections must provide interface. The result method will be callend on this behavior adapter.

  • There is a implicit dependency to Font Awesome for the filter tile edit links. That has to be revisited to make it work out of the box.

  • Modernized markup for easier styling


  • Optimize the cache key by including the current language, user roles instead of id and the database counter.

  • Remove the view_name part when populating the browser history with filter changes. The view_name part is for loading specific AJAX tiles, but should probably not be displayed.

  • Add filter and search tiles.

  • Add a sort_key_function key to the IQueryModifier dict to allow for a different sort key function when sorting the values.

  • Add a index_modifier key to the IQueryModifier indexes dict to allow transforming of index search values. For KeywordIndex indices the index_modifier is automatically set to encode the value to utf-8.

  • Add a value_blacklist key to the IQueryModifier indexes dict to allow blacklisting of individual index values.

  • Add view_name configuration parameter to call a special result listing view. This can be used to call a tile instead to call the whole context view.

  • Add content_selector configuration parameter to choose a DOM node from the source to inject into the target.

  • Ensure early exit on the content filter traverse handler if it is not needed to run.

  • Make backwards compatible with Plone 5.0 [nngu6036, instification]

Bug fixes:

  • When reloading the collection in JavaScript, use the content selector’s parent as base to trigger events on. The content selector itself is replaced and events cannot be caught.

  • Register the bundle compile files as collectionfilter-bundle-compiled.js and collectionfilter-bundle-compiled.css, so that using plone-compile-resources results in the same files. See:

  • Sort the filter value list for filter title instead filter value.

  • fix collectionsearch portlet [petschki]

  • when providing a custom IGroupByCriteria adapter, fallback to title sorted values if no sort_key_function is given. [petschki]

1.0.1 (2018-02-09)

  • Fix target collection selection via catalog vocabular and RelatedItemsFieldWidget. [agitator]

1.0 (2018-01-27)

  • Implement AJAX search for the collection search portlet. [thet]

  • Update the history / location bar URL with the current filter URL. [thet]

  • Fix error where closest DOM method isn’t supported on IE. Fixes #6. [agitator]

  • Register bundle to depend on * to avoid weird Select2 initialization error. [thet]

  • Add input_type option to be able to better select the type of input. Add input_type support for dropdowns. Remove as_input attribute and provide upgrade step for it. [thet]

  • Initial release from collective.portlet.collectionfilter. [thet]

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