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A flexible form to edit selected fields of a content type.

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A view to edit selected fields of a content type.


  • Useable by simply calling a view with a the fields you want to edit as query-string-parameters

  • Select the field or fields you want to edit

  • For each field you can choose between input, display and hidden

  • Uses the same widgets and validators as the default edit-form

  • Respects schema-hints like field-permissions, invariants and widgets

  • Nice to use in modals/popups fo allow editing one ore more fields (but not all)

Use it by adding a link to the view @@field_edit_form and pass the fiels you want to edit as a query-string with up to three parameters separated by a “:” for each field.


Edit the text of a document:


Edit the fields title and subjects:


Display the text and edit the publishing date:


Render a link to edit the title in a modal:

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/field_edit_form?fields=IDublinCore.title"
   data-pat-plone-modal='{"actionOptions": {"reloadWindowOnClose": false, "redirectOnResponse": true, "disableAjaxFormSubmit": true},
                          "buttons": ".formControls > button"'>
    Edit the Title in a modal

Edit multiple fields:

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/@@field_edit_form?fields=field1&amp;fields=field2&amp;fields=field3"
    Edit some fields.

Display one field, edit another”

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/@@field_edit_form?fields=field1:display&amp;fields=field2"
    Edit one field, display another.

Hide the label:

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/@@field_edit_form?fields=field1::0"
    Edit one field, display another.

Add a hidden field:

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/@@field_edit_form?fields=field1:hidden&amp;fields=field2"
    Edit one field, display another.

Behavior-fields need to be prefixed with the Behavior:

<a href="${python:context.absolute_url()}/@@field_edit_form?fields=IBasic.title"
    Edit one field, display another.

Supported Versions

collective.fieldedit is tested in Plone 5.1, 5.2 and 6.


Install collective.fieldedit by adding it to your buildout:



eggs =

and then running bin/buildout

Then got to the add-on controlpanel (/prefs_install_products_form) to enable it.



The project is licensed under the GPLv2.


1.0 (2022-06-25)

  • Additional Markup for Plone 6.0 (Bootstrap 5) [jensens]

  • Formatted with Black/isort according to Plone standards. [jensens]

  • Add support for Python 3, Plone 5.2 and 6. [pbauer]

1.0a2 (2018-08-04)

  • Fix redirect and remaining webdav locks on cancel (#1) [pbauer]

1.0a1 (2017-10-10)

  • Initial release. [pbauer]

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