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Behaviors for creating Dexterity content types that integrate with Salesforce.

Project description


collective.salesforce.content provides a Dexterity behavior for setting up Plone Dexterity content types that are connected to objects in a database. Arbitrary schema fields can be mapped and updated periodically based on automatic queries to Salesforce.

This is currently an integrator-level package with minimal UI. As consultants, we have used this functionality as a foundation for solving use cases like:

  • Expose a member directory on a public Plone website based on Account or Contact records pulled from each night.
  • Provide browseable and searchable tables of arbitrary data whose canonical storage is in
  • In conjunction with dexterity.membrane, allow users represented in to log in to a Plone site, with appropriate roles based on their status in
  • Pull pricing records from Salesforce as a basis for charging the correct amount in online transactions on the Plone website.


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collective.salesforce.content was created by the web team at Groundwire, including Matt Yoder, David Glick, Ryan Foster, and Jon Baldivieso.


1.1 (2012-05-08)

  • Add an option to configure a token that allows triggering a sync as an anonymous user as long as you provide the correct token. [davisagli - 2012-05-08]
  • Add SalesforcePicklist and SalesforceMultiPicklist fields, which are like Choice and Set of Choice but automatically load their vocabularies from the picklist in Salesforce. [davisagli - 2012-04-12]

1.0 (2012-01-09)

  • Fix incorrect browser layer name. [davisagli - 2012-01-09]
  • Add an upgrade step to help replace old collective.salesforce.behavior installations. [davisagli - 2012-01-09]

1.0b1 (2011-09-20)

  • Wrote docs. [davisagli - 2011-09-20]
  • Install a Salesforce base connector when the package is installed. [davisagli - 2011-09-20]
  • Rename package from collective.salesforce.behavior to collective.salesforce.content. [davisagli - 2011-09-20]
  • Moved repository to github. [davisagli - 2011-09-20]
  • Add option to sync a single object specified by Salesforce Id from the control panel. [davisagli - 2011-09-12]
  • Prevent ConflictErrors during sync from causing the entire sync request to retry. [davisagli - 2011-07-12]
  • Add some additional debug logging. [davisagli - 2011-07-08]
  • Use a digest of the record returned from Salesforce to avoid unnecessary reindexing. [davisagli - 2011-07-08]
  • Added a behavior to Delete objects from Plone when they aren’t found in Salesforce. [dextermilo - 2011-06-13]
  • Put a marker on the ObjectModifiedEvent fired when an object is synced, so that handlers can distinguish modifications made by the syncer. [davisagli - 2011-06-09]
  • Made it possible to have multiple schema fields use the same salesforce field. [dextermilo - 2011-05-27]
  • Log SOQL queries at the DEBUG level. [davisagli - 2011-05-27]
  • Make sure ObjectCreatedEvent is notified for new objects. [davisagli - 2011-05-25]
  • Fix import ordering issue by moving field handlers to meta.zcml. [davisagli - 2011-05-25]
  • Add handler for custom subqueries. [davisagli - 2011-05-25]
  • Fixed TextLine converter to handle datetimes. [davisagli - 2011-05-23]
  • Started adding tests. [davisagli - 2011-05-23]
  • Added optional helper behaviors to trigger appropriate workflow transitions when an object is updated or not found in Salesforce. [yomatters - 2011-05-20]
  • Convert text fields to unicode to avoid indexing errors. [yomatters - 2011-05-20]
  • Added relationship metadata handler and list field converter to allow for parent-to-child relationship queries. [yomatters - 2011-05-20]
  • Convert rich text values to unicode so that transforms succeed. [yomatters - 2011-03-28]
  • Added a control panel that can be used to trigger a synchronization. [yomatters - 2011-03-22]
  • Fixed handling of unset relationships in queries that span relationships. [yomatters - 2011-01-20]
  • For rich text fields, assume the mimetype of the input is the default mimetype of the field. [yomatters - 2011-01-07]
  • Fixed query for existing objects to look only for objects providing the schema interface. [yomatters - 2011-01-07]
  • Added event for objects updated from Salesforce during synchronization. [yomatters - 2011-01-03]
  • Added value converter for rich text fields. [yomatters - 2010-12-16]
  • Added event for objects not found in Salesforce during synchronization. [yomatters - 2010-12-16]
  • Initial work on behavior, schema hints, converters and syncing view. [yomatters - 2010-08-23]

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