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A Twitter portlet for Plone.

Project description


A Twitter portlet for Plone. This portlet allows you to track the ‘tweets’ of a particular user. You can add as many portlets as you like. The tweets are cached for one minute.

Add to your buildout:

eggs =
zcml =

Install this portlet into your Plone site using the Add products in Site Setup. Add Twitter portlets wherever you need, using the ‘Manage portlets’ interface.

The above ‘zcml’ step is not required in Plone 3.3+


0.10 - 2011-03-19

  • When having a tweet with an link containing a mixture of “&?=” the regular expression in expand_tweet creates invalid html. A failing test for that is added. (Pelle Krøgholt - @pellekrogholt - irc: pelle_)

  • Generate proper links for URLs that contain the symbols “&?=#!”. This fixes the failing test mentioned above. (Emanuel Sartor - @esartor)

  • Added ability to include native retweets in addition to the standard stream of tweets. (Emanuel Sartor - @esartor)

0.9 - 2010-05-26

  • Added simple RAM caching of the feed results for at most 100 seconds or the cache timeout of the ram cache. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Added logging on the info level to all exception cases. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Handle the unresponsive twitter better by using a timeout on connections, as advised in (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Remove memoize overhead for methods that are only called once. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Catch and ignore TwitterError. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Adding ability to link to the user’s Twitter page as the portlet header. (David Breitkreutz - @rockdj)

0.8 - 2010-02-10

  • Ignore all URLErrors instead of the more specific HTTPErrors. This catches problems like ‘Connection refused’. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

0.7 - 2010-02-10

  • Fixed reStructuredText markup of the readme file. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

0.6 - 2010-02-10

  • The Twitter service is surprisingly often unreachable. Protect against common HTTPErrors and show an unavailable message instead of relying on the common portlet on-error handling. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Removed the empty initialize method. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

0.5 - 2009-10-29

  • Changed the limit option to push it through to the API rather than retrieving all and then slicing (Ben Mason - @sparcd)

  • Added z3c.autoinclude.plugin entry point, so in Plone 3.3+ you can avoid loading the ZCML file. (Hanno Schlichting - @hannosch)

  • Portlet displays the error message if there is a problem accessing the API. (Ben Mason - @sparcd)

  • Links are now hyperlinked using regex. (Ben Glynn - @Open_Comms)


  • General bug fixes (Ben Mason - @sparcd)


  • General bug fixes (Ben Mason - @sparcd)


  • Problems with the egg, so repackaged and re-released (Ben Mason - @sparcd)


  • Initial Release (Ben Mason - @sparcd)

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