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A theme product for the Dutch web guidelines.

Project description


This theme is aimed at making Plone compliant with the Dutch web guidelines.

Website of the Dutch web guidelines:

A description from the website:

Government bodies and companies are facing the challenge of
creating websites that are optimally accessible to people as
well as browsers and search engines. The Web Guidelines
aid in that process.

There are internationally recognized agreements for creating
web sites known as 125 quality requirements standards warrants
a significantly better website. The Netherlands government
has assembled these international standards in a quality model
called the Web Guidelines. This quality model comprises 125
quality requirements for the benefit of better websites.

This theme is tested using the Dutch web guidelines quick scan. The quick scan checks 47 points of 125. There 78 points in the guidelines that need manual checking. These manual tests involve how the website uses HTML and other relevant techniques, that the content manager(s) are aware of several guidelines and how processes supporting the guidelines are defined. In the doc dir an example is included for all the manual points. The document is named ‘niet_toetsbare_webrichtlijnen.odt’ and is in Dutch.

If you’re from the Dutch central goverment you can login to see the scan results. Unfortunately local goverments cannot see the complete scan results, they can use the quick scan.

Installation (short version)

See below for “Full installation notes”, notably the part on how to use this product with a custom theme.

  • Add collective.webrichtlijnen to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs =
  • Tell the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe to install a ZCML slug:

    zcml =

    We consciously do not use z3c.autoinclude here, because we have an overrides.zcml file here, which might conflict with any overrides you have defined in your own theme product, causing the server to not start.

Why aim at these Dutch web guidelines and not the W3C standard?

All websites of the Dutch central goverment need too comply with the Dutch web guidelines in 2010. ( Websites of the local goverment (ie. municipalities) have the aim to be compliant in 2010.

Webrichtlijnen compliant HTML/CSS code that is marked as invalid

The following points are marked as invalid by the quick scan. When a manual check is done these points are invalid.

  • Invalid (R-pd.1.1): The use of a width attribute is only allowed with images, the quick scan finds a width attribute. This is not correct no width attribute is used.

  • Possible valid (R-pd.8.11): If access keys are used make sure it works on every page on the site and only use numbers. Plone follows this practice and uses a setup that closely matches most international recommendations on access keys.

  • Possible valid (R-pd.9.1): The quickscan finds an inline style tag. This is not correct no inline style is used.

Webrichtlijnen non-compliant HTML/CSS code

The following points are marked as invalid by the quick scan.

  • Invalid (R-pd.2.6): Plone uses CSS3 to create rounded corners. The CSS used fails when using the W3C CSS check. The use of CSS3 is complementary, where this is applied the pages are still visisble with a browser that uses CSS2.1

  • Possible invalid (R-pd.3.9): The Plone footer uses a sub element to show the copyright character. The web guidelines advised to avoid using sup (suberscript) and sub (subscript)element where possible.

Plone versions and themes

The webrichtlijnen theme works with Plone 3 and 4. When using the webrichtlijnen theme the visual appearance of Plone isn’t altered. The table below shows which default Plone theme is used as base and which webrichtlijnen theme version works with a specific version of Plone/

Theme version

Plone version

Plone theme



Plone tableless



Sunburst theme

Full installation notes

Prefered method for installing this theme is using buildout.

Plone 4.0 and up

  • Add collective.webrichtlijnen to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs =
  • Re-run buildout, e.g. with:

    $ ./bin/buildout
  • Start Zope, and in your Plone instance, install collective.webrichtlijnen

You can skip the ZCML slug if you are going to explicitly include the package from another package’s configure.zcml file.

Plone 3

Although the theme in this python egg is for Plone 4, here are the install instructions for Plone 3.

  • Add collective.webrichtlijnen to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs =
  • Tell the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe to install a ZCML slug:

    recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
    zcml =
  • Pin down the correct version if you’re using Plone 3*:

    collective.webrichtlijnen = 1.0.2 # only for Plone 3
  • Re-run buildout, e.g. with:

    $ ./bin/buildout
  • Start Zope, and in your Plone instance install Plone Tableless

Usage with your custom theme

You will probably want to use this product with a custom theme. The recommended way to do this is to base your theme on Webrichtlijnen. That way, the skin layers will also be available in your theme, without having to register the skin layer for all themes. Here’s an example skins.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<object name="portal_skins" allow_any="False" cookie_persistence="False"
   default_skin="My Theme">

 <object name="my_theme_templates"
    meta_type="Filesystem Directory View"
 <skin-path name="My Theme" based-on="Webrichtlijnen">
  <layer name="my_theme_templates"



1.1.2 (2011-06-21)

  • No longer use z3c.autoinclude because overrides might conflict

  • Re-organise installation documentation

  • Re-added 1.0.2 release info in docs/HISTORY.txt

  • Register resource directory stylesheets not just for IThemeSpecific, for the use case of a theme based on Webrichtlijnen.

1.1.1 (2010-10-26)

  • The 1.1 release on pypi and is corrupt/has missing files.

1.1 (2010-06-16)

  • Webrichtlijnen theme for Plone 4

  • Uses Sunburst Theme as base theme

  • Updated all overridden views/templates for Plone 4

  • Not backwards compatible with Plone 4. Use version 1.0 for Plone 3.

1.0.2 (2010-10-26)

  • Fixed skin order

  • No theme specific browser resources, this theme is usable as base for other themes

1.0.1 (2010-06-16)

  • Updated readme and install document. Version pinning is required if this theme is installed under Plone 3

1.0 (2010-02-01)

  • Did come cleaning up and fixed the doctests

0.2 (2009-12-17)

  • A theme that makes Plone 3 webrichtlijnen complaint

  • Uses Plone Tableless Theme as base theme.

  • Several overrides for viewlets and portlets for webrichtlijnen

  • Customized several templates for webrichtlijnen

  • The specific changes are commented in the code using the phrase ‘Webrichtlijnen changes’.

0.1 - Unreleased

  • Initial release

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