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Runs remote commands, colorfully.

Project description

Runs remote commands, colorfully.

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Two commands will be installed.

  • color-cat: Similar to Linux’s cat command, but the only difference is that the output is colored.

    • The color is determined by the label string, therefore same label makes the output to be same color.

  • color-ssh: Execute remote commands via ssh with colored output. You can do parallel optionally.


  • Python: 2.6 / 2.7 / 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4 / 3.5


  • pip command may need sudo




pip install color-ssh


pip install --upgrade color-ssh


pip uninstall color-ssh

Check installed version

color-cat --version
color-ssh --version


color-cat --help
color-ssh --help



echo abc | color-cat -l label             # print colored label and output
echo abc | color-cat -l label -c magenta  # specify color
echo abc | color-cat -l label -s '=>'     # specify separator
color-cat -l label README.rst             # print the content of the file


  • Basic usage

color-ssh server-1 ls -l                       # run command in server-1 with colored output
color-ssh server-1 'cd /tmp && pwd'
color-ssh --ssh 'ssh -v' username@server-1 id  # overwrite ssh command to "ssh -v"
  • Parallel command executing

color-ssh -h ~/hosts ls -l              # load host list from file (each line "[user@]host[:port]")
color-ssh -H 'server-1 server-2' ls -l  # specify server list within the command line
color-ssh -h ~/hosts -p 4 ls -l         # specify parallelism
  • Uploading files and distributing command-line arguments

color-ssh -h ~/hosts --upload-with /path/to/xxx do-something /path/to/xxx     # upload file before executing command
color-ssh -h ~/hosts --upload-with '/path/to/xxx /path/to/yyy' do-something   # upload two files
color-ssh -h ~/hosts --distribute do-something a b c d e
  # distirubute arguments to each server
  # e.g.
  # server-1: do-something a b c
  # server-2: do-something d e
color-ssh -h ~/hosts --upload --distribute do-something /path/to/xxx /path/to/yyy
  # upload files before executing command
  # e.g.
  # server-1: do-something /path/to/xxx (uploading /path/to/xxx)
  # server-2: do-something /path/to/yyy (uploading /path/to/yyy)

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