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aspect oriented programming helper

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# Concerns

[Python]( implementation of the

## Use examples

Note: the class context is the fourth argument of the
[metaclass]( `__init__` method,
formally “namespace”:

def __init__(cls, name: str, bases: tuple, namespace: dict) -> None:

It is a dictionary representation of the class body.

### Using a class as mix-in

If the aspect is a class, its context will be merged to the target context on
its factoring.

from typing import NamedTuple
from concerns import concern

class SerialMixin:

def serialize(self) -> str:
return json.dumps(self._asdict(), sort_keys=True)

def deserialize(cls, data: str):
return cls(**json.loads(data))

class PersonBase(NamedTuple):
name: str
surname: str

class Person(PersonBase):

### Using a mapping as default values map

If the aspect is a mapping (a dictionary, by example), it itself will be merged
to the target context on its factoring.

from concerns import concern

class Animal:
# Too simple use, avoid doing it

def __init__(self, *, voice: str = None):
if voice:
self.voice = voice

def say(self) -> None:

### Function to change behavior

If the aspect is a callable, the target class context will be passed as
parameter to the aspect for processing before its factoring.

from concerns import concern
from import MutableMapping
from datetime import datetime

def make_timed(context: MutableMapping) -> None:
Reusable aspect function to add creating time to objects

def set_created_attr(attr: str) -> None:
context[attr] = None
def new(cls, name: str, bases: tuple, _dict: dict):
self = super().__new__(cls, name, bases, _dict)
setattr(self, attr) =
return self
context['__new__'] = new
context['set_created_attr'] = set_created_attr

class Register:

... # more class attributes


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