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Comfortable python app configuration

Project description

Comfortable python configs from environment variables.
* Validated at **import time**. If you forgot a configuration variable you find out at startup.
* One source of configuration for all application code. No more `flask_conf.cfg`, `myconfig.ini`, `.env`, hardcoded constants and variables from `docker-compose.yml`.
* Type casting and validation at load time. Do it once and forget.

# Quickstart
>>> from confy import BaseEnvironConfig
>>> class Config(BaseEnvironConfig):
... DEBUG = ConfigField(processor=strtobool, default=True)
>>> Config.DEBUG

Loads variable `DEBUG` __at import time__ from environment, applies function `string_to_bool` to the value,

If variable is not provided uses the default of `True`.

# Config field options
* `default` - default value, can be anything
* `required` - boolean, default `False`. Throws `ConfigError` if value is required, but not provided.
* `processor` - callable. Can be used to validate the value
* `from_var` - specify environment variable to take value from. If none uses config class property name, __case is important__.

# Mocking in tests
Since its a global class that can't be instanced it's __very important__ to import it like this:

from package import module

and __not__ like this:

from package.module import ConfigClass

The first option allows you to monkey patch the config during testing.
Pytest example:

from package.module import ConfigClass

class TestConfig(ConfigClass):

TestConfig.TEST = True

monkeypatch.setattr('package.module.ConfigClass', TestConfig)

All code accesing `module.ConfigClass` will get `TestConfig`.

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