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Tool for publishing Sphinx generated documents to Confluence

Project description

# Confluence Publisher

A tool to help publish documentation to Confluence.
This tools use own configuration file.

For now it supports:

- confluence versions: 5.5 - 5.9
- sphinx-build formats: "fjson", "html"

## Why?

This tools are written as part of our Documentation Toolkit which we use in our job daily.
The main idea of toolkit is to make a process of creating and updating documentation able to be automated

# Install

Install Confluence Publisher from [PyPI]( with

$ pip install confluence-publisher-ex

## Publisher

$ conf_publisher config.yml --auth XXXXXjpwYXNzdXXXXX==

If a config doesn't contain, the tool can automatically create pages
on-the-fly when ``-ac`` flag is set up.

usage: conf_publisher [-h] [-u URL] (-a AUTH | -U USER) [-F] [-w WATERMARK]
[-l LINK] [-ht] [-v] [-ac] [-fo]

Publish documentation (Sphinx fjson) to Confluence

positional arguments:
config Configuration file

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u URL, --url URL Confluence Url
-a AUTH, --auth AUTH Base64 encoded user:password string
-U USER, --user USER Username (prompt password)
-F, --force Publish not changed page.
Overrides the watermarks. Also can be "False" to
remove all watermarks; or "True" to add watermarkswith
default text: "Automatically generated content. Do not
edit directly." on all pages.
-l LINK, --link LINK Overrides page link. If value is "False" then removes
the link.
-ht, --hold-titles Do not change page titles while publishing.
-v, --verbose
-ac, --auto-create Auto create pages on-the-fly when they do not exist.
-fo, --fix-order Fix ordering of the pages so that it matches the order
in the configuration file.
## Configuration file format


- **version** (required) Config version. Current is ``2``.
- **url** (required) Base Confluence URL.
- **base_dir** (required) Directory containing json to be published.
- **downloads_dir** (optional) Default is _downloads
- **images_dir** (optional) Default is _images
- **source_ext** (optional) Default is .fjson
- **space_key** (required) The key for a space where the documentation should be created.
- **parent_page** (required) A page id which should be the root node for the documentation.
- **pages** (required) Pages to be published.

- **id** (optional with -ac flag) Confluence page ID. If page does not exists, create it with ``conf_page_maker``.
- **title** (optional)
- **source** (required) Path to json associated with the page
- **link** (optional) Link under watermark (for example to source rst in repo).
- **watermark** (optional) Watermark to put on page. E.g.: "Automatically generated content. Do not edit directly"".
- **attachments** (optional) Files to be attached.

- **images**
- path_to_img1
- path_to_img2
- **downloads**
- path_to_file1
- path_to_file2
- **pages** Subpages to be published.

- **...** same structure as for pages

### Config example

version: 2
base_dir: _build/confluence
space_key: BIT
parent_page: 23451238
- title: "Getting started"
source: getting-started/index
- title: "Architecture"
source: getting-started/architecture
- first-arch.png
- second-arch.png
- title: "Writing first app"
source: getting-started/writing-first-app

or more JSONify style:

version: 2,
base_dir: "result",
pages: [
id: 52136662,
source: "release_history"

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