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Project description

Contxt Python SDK

Getting Started

Create a virtual env on your machine for this python project and clone this repo

IMPORTANT: Requires Python 3.5+

# Make sure virtualenv is installed
pip install virtualenv

# Create a new virtual environment for this project
virtualenv python-sdk --python=python3

# Move into the new created directory
cd python-sdk/

# Clone this GitHub repo
git clone

# Move into the clone repo directory
cd contxt-sdk-python

In order to run the CLI, you must first install the dependencies (in the requirements.txt file) and setup your environment.

# Install the dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

Additionally, there is support for command line tab completion via argcomplete. To active, run the following and refresh your bash environment:


Running the code

Logging In

In order to make some calls to the Contxt APIs, we first need to login for the first time. To do that, type in the following:

python auth login

It will prompt you for your username and password, which is the same as the login you would use to login to any one of your Contxt applications. You should see output such as below:

(cli) Johns-MacBook-Pro-3:cli john$ python auth login
Token file has not been created yet
2019-02-07 01:22:18,515 INFO     [novo.utils.auth]  Token doesn't exist or can't be refreshed. Please re-authenticate (
Contxt Username: <user>@<email>
Contxt Password:

Current list of commands:


iot groupings get-all --facility_id <facility_id>
iot groupings get-fields --id <grouping_id>
iot groupings get-data-for-fields --id <grouping_id> --start_date <iso8601 Date> --end_date <iso8601 Date> --window <0, 60, 900, 3600>
iot feeds get-all --facility_id <facility_id>

Auth CLI:

auth login
auth reset

Contxt CLI:

contxt organizations get-all
contxt organizations create --organization_name "<name>"
contxt organizations add-user --organization_id <organization_id> --user_id <user_id>
contxt organizations get-users (--organization_id <organization_id OR --organization_name <organization_name>)


ems utilities get-spend --facility_id <facility_id> --interval <monthly, daily> --resource_type <electric> --start_date <YYYY-MM> --end_date <YYYY-MM>
ems utilities get-organization-spend --organization_id <organization_id> --interval <monthly> --resource_type <electric> --start_date <YYYY-MM> --end_date <YYYY-MM>

Assets CLI:

assets facilities get-all --organization_id <organization_id> --organization_name <organization_name>

Exporting IOT Data

In order to export some data from the IOT service, you will need an ID of a field grouping you want to extract data for. For example, given the output above, I want to pull data for February 2019 so far from a grouping. The command to do so would be the following:

python iot groupings get-data-for-fields --id 09d26434-7b5b-448f-911c-2deb5e9a78ce --start_date 2019-02-01 --window 60

In the above command, I'm using the get-data-for-fields command and specifying the grouping ID via id, the start date via start_date, and the window (in seconds) via window. Notice that we did not specify end_date -- if this parameter is not provided, it will always assume the current time as the end date.

The output of this command is a directory in the format of export_<grouping_slug>_<current_time> filled with .CSV files of the records pulled for each of the fields within that grouping within the specified time range. There is also a meta.json file which contains specific information about the export like row counts, field IDs (for future use), and units.

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