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Browser-aware multi-cookie flask session

Project description

Browser-aware flask session manager.

This module allows you to store any amount of data on session cookies without caring about browser-specific cookie limitations, by just registering session data shrink functions.

This module probably won’t play nicely with other cookies set on the same domain: session-cookie could be evicted at any time because other cookies and vice versa.

How it works

This module includes a simple browser cookie limit database, which is matched against flask request’s user agent and, on flask response, that information is used to serialize the session onto cookies.

This session implementation supports cookie signatures, multi-cookie session, and custom session shrinking logic which will be invoked when needed.

The session shrinking logic repeat this steps in order until session data fits into cookies:

  1. Registered shrinking functions, until they’re unable to reduce the cookie size.

  2. Unhandled keys are removed.

  3. Registered shrinking functions, now receiving True as parameter last.

  4. Remaining keys are removed.


This module works as a flask session interface, allowing to register session shrink functions which will be called once session does not fit on browser cookies.

import flask
import cookieman

app = flask.Flask(__name__)
app.session_interface = cookieman.CookieMan()
app.secret_key = 'my_app_secret_key'  # used for session cookie safety

def shrink_a(data, last):
    Session property 'a' shrinking policy: remove last list item on key
    or just remove key.

    :param data: session data as dict
    :type data: Mapping[str, Any]
    :param last: wether is last iteration or not
    :type last: bool
    :returns: updated data (can be the same as received)
    :rtype: Mapping[str, Any]
    if len(data['a']) < 2:
        del data['a']
    return data


MIT (see LICENSE file).

Project details

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