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L-Est97 to WGS84 coordinates converter with GUI interface

Project description

L-Est97 to WGS84 coordinates converter

Simple application for converting L-Est97 to WGS84 coordinates. This application has GUI, but it can also be used programmatically.

Runs on Python 2.7 and Python 3


Application can be installed via pip:

pip install coordinates-converter


To launch GUI application write the following command to the terminal.


If users want to convert coordinates in the code, then simple api is provided:

from coordinates.converter import CoordinateConverter, WGS84, L_Est97

converter = CoordinateConverter

# converting to L-Est97
wgs_point = WGS84(lat=59.39528, long=24.664104611385)

# converting to WGS84
est97_point = L_Est97(x=6543210.14, y=543210.86)

# module can also convert decimal degrees to degree-minute-second system
from coordinates.converter import convert_decimal_to_degrees, convert_degrees_to_decimal

print(convert_degrees_to_decimal(10, 30, 36.0))

# L-Est97 system has coordinate boundaries where it can be used.
# These boundaries can be checked with validator
from coordinates.converter import LEst97CoordinatesValidator
validator = LEst97CoordinatesValidator()


Documentation can be found here

Developer guide.


Sourcecode can be found in GitLab

For building the app from source, run

pip install -editable .


Tests are written in pytest and for running tests pytest is needed.

To install pytest run:

pip install pytest

To execute test suite: python -m pytest tests/

Code Quality

Continuous integration environment checks that code complies with PEP8 checcks. For testing code quality flake8 is used.

To install flake8 tests it must be installed:

pip install flake8

Flake8 tests can be run with following command:

flake8 coordinates/

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