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http file sharing hub

Project description

⇆🎉 copyparty

  • http file sharing hub (py2/py3) (on PyPI)
  • MIT-Licensed, 2019-05-26, ed @


turn your phone or raspi into a portable file server with resumable uploads/downloads using IE6 or any other browser

  • server runs on anything with py2.7 or py3.3+
  • resumable uploads need firefox 12+ / chrome 6+ / safari 6+ / IE 10+
  • code standard: black


download and you're all set!

running the sfx without arguments (for example doubleclicking it on Windows) will let anyone access the current folder; see -h for help if you want accounts and volumes etc

you may also want these, especially on servers:


  • iPhone/iPad: use Firefox to download files
  • Android-Chrome: set max "parallel uploads" for 200% upload speed (android bug)
  • Android-Firefox: takes a while to select files (in order to avoid the above android-chrome issue)
  • Desktop-Firefox: may use gigabytes of RAM if your connection is great and your files are massive
  • paper-printing is affected by dark/light-mode! use lightmode for color, darkmode for grayscale
    • because no browsers currently implement the media-query to do this properly orz


  • backend stuff
    • ☑ sanic multipart parser
    • ☑ load balancer (multiprocessing)
    • ☑ volumes (mountpoints)
    • ☑ accounts
  • upload
    • ☑ basic: plain multipart, ie6 support
    • ☑ up2k: js, resumable, multithreaded
    • ☑ stash: simple PUT filedropper
    • ☑ symlink/discard existing files (content-matching)
  • download
    • ☑ single files in browser
    • ✖ folders as zip files
    • ☑ FUSE client (read-only)
  • browser
    • ☑ tree-view
    • ☑ media player
    • ✖ thumbnails
    • ✖ SPA (browse while uploading)
      • currently safe using the file-tree on the left only, not folders in the file list
  • server indexing
    • ☑ locate files by contents
    • ☑ search by name/path/date/size
    • ☑ search by ID3-tags etc.
  • markdown
    • ☑ viewer
    • ☑ editor (sure why not)

summary: it works! you can use it! (but technically not even close to beta)


  • probably, pls let me know


when started with -e2dsa copyparty will scan/index all your files. This avoids duplicates on upload, and also makes the volumes searchable through the web-ui:

  • make search queries by size/date/directory-path/filename, or...
  • drag/drop a local file to see if the same contents exist somewhere on the server (you get the URL if it does)

path/name queries are space-separated, AND'ed together, and words are negated with a - prefix, so for example:

  • path: shibayan -bossa finds all files where one of the folders contain shibayan but filters out any results where bossa exists somewhere in the path
  • name: demetori styx gives you good stuff

add -e2ts to also scan/index tags from music files:

search configuration

searching relies on two databases, the up2k filetree (-e2d) and the metadata tags (-e2t). Configuration can be done through arguments, volume flags, or a mix of both.

through arguments:

  • -e2d enables file indexing on upload
  • -e2ds scans writable folders on startup
  • -e2dsa scans all mounted volumes (including readonly ones)
  • -e2t enables metadata indexing on upload
  • -e2ts scans for tags in all files that don't have tags yet
  • -e2tsr deletes all existing tags, so a full reindex

the same arguments can be set as volume flags, in addition to d2d and d2t for disabling:

  • -v ~/music::ce2dsa:ce2tsr does a full reindex of everything on startup
  • -v ~/music::cd2d disables all indexing, even if any -e2* are on
  • -v ~/music::cd2t disables all -e2t* (tags), does not affect -e2d*

e2tsr is probably always overkill, since e2ds/e2dsa would pick up any file modifications and cause e2ts to reindex those

-mte decides which tags to index and display in the browser (and also the display order), this can be changed per-volume:

  • -v ~/music::cmte=title,artist indexes and displays title followed by artist

if you add/remove a tag from mte you will need to run with -e2tsr once to rebuild the database, otherwise only new files will be affected

-mtm can be used to add or redefine a metadata mapping, say you have media files with foo and bar tags and you want them to display as qux in the browser (preferring foo if both are present), then do -mtm qux=foo,bar and now you can -mte artist,title,qux

see the beautiful mess of a dictionary in for the default mappings (should cover mp3,opus,flac,m4a,wav,aif,)

--no-mutagen disables mutagen and uses ffprobe instead, which...

  • is about 20x slower than mutagen
  • catches a few tags that mutagen doesn't
  • avoids pulling any GPL code into copyparty
  • more importantly runs ffprobe on incoming files which is bad if your ffmpeg has a cve

client examples

  • javascript: dump some state into a file (two separate examples)

    • await fetch('', {method:"PUT", body: JSON.stringify(foo)});
    • var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'POST', ''); xhr.send('foo');
  • curl/wget: upload some files (post=file, chunk=stdin)

    • post(){ curl -b cppwd=wark -F act=bput -F f=@"$1";}
      post movie.mkv
    • post(){ wget --header='Cookie: cppwd=wark' --post-file="$1" -O-;}
      post movie.mkv
    • chunk(){ curl -b cppwd=wark -T-;}
      chunk <movie.mkv
  • FUSE: mount a copyparty server as a local filesystem

copyparty returns a truncated sha512sum of your PUT/POST as base64; you can generate the same checksum locally to verify uplaods:

b512(){ printf "$((sha512sum||shasum -a512)|sed -E 's/ .*//;s/(..)/\\x\1/g')"|base64|head -c43;}
b512 <movie.mkv


  • jinja2 (is built into the SFX)

optional, enables music tags:

  • either mutagen (fast, pure-python, skips a few tags, makes copyparty GPL? idk)
  • or FFprobe (20x slower, more accurate, possibly dangerous depending on your distro and users)

optional, will eventually enable thumbnails:

  • Pillow (requires py2.7 or py3.5+)


currently there are two self-contained binaries:

launch either of them (use on systemd) and it'll unpack and run copyparty, assuming you have python installed of course

pls note that will fail if you rename to and keep it in the same folder because sys.path is funky

sfx repack

if you don't need all the features you can repack the sfx and save a bunch of space; all you need is an sfx and a copy of this repo (nothing else to download or build, except for either msys2 or WSL if you're on windows)

  • 724K original size as of v0.4.0
  • 256K after ./scripts/ re no-ogv
  • 164K after ./scripts/ re no-ogv no-cm

the features you can opt to drop are

  • ogv.js, the opus/vorbis decoder which is needed by apple devices to play foss audio files
  • cm/easymde, the "fancy" markdown editor

for the repack to work, first run one of the sfx'es once to unpack it

note: you can also just download and run scripts/ -- this will grab the latest copyparty release from github and do a no-ogv no-cm repack; works on linux/macos (and windows with msys2 or WSL)

install on android

install Termux (see and then copy-paste this into Termux (long-tap) all at once:

apt update && apt -y full-upgrade && termux-setup-storage && apt -y install python && python -m ensurepip && python -m pip install -U copyparty
echo $?

after the initial setup, you can launch copyparty at any time by running copyparty anywhere in Termux

dev env setup

python3 -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate
pip install jinja2  # mandatory deps
pip install Pillow  # thumbnail deps
pip install black bandit pylint flake8  # vscode tooling

how to release

in the scripts folder:

  • run make -C deps-docker to build all dependencies
  • create github release with
  • upload to pypi with make-pypi-release.(sh|bat)
  • create sfx with


roughly sorted by priority

  • reduce up2k roundtrips
    • start from a chunk index and just go
    • terminate client on bad data
  • drop onto folders
  • os.copy_file_range for up2k cloning
  • up2k partials ui
  • support pillow-simd
  • cache sha512 chunks on client
  • comment field
  • look into android thumbnail cache file format bad idea
  • figure out the deal with pixel3a not being connectable as hotspot
    • pixel3a having unpredictable 3sec latency in general :||||

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