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The Coscine Python SDK provides a pythonic high-level interface to the Coscine REST API.

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Coscine Python SDK

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Coscine, short for Collaborative Scientific Integration Environment, is a platform for Research Data Management. The Coscine Python SDK is an open source package that provides a high-level interface to the Coscine REST API. It enables you to automate research workflows and offers the usual functionality available in the Coscine web interface to python programmers.


Uploading a file to a resource:

import coscine
from datetime import datetime

token = "My Coscine API token"
client = coscine.ApiClient(token)
project = client.project("My Project")
resource = project.resource("My Resource")
form = resource.metadata_form()
form["Author"] = "Dr. Akula"
form["Created"] =
form["DAP"] = 3.12
resource.upload("file.csv", "C:/research/file.csv", form)


Installation instructions and an in-depth guide on using the Python SDK can be found in the online documentation. The source code itself has been heavily annotated with numpy-style DOCstrings. You can generate a local copy of the documentation using Sphinx:

py -m pip install -U requirements.txt
cd docs
py -m sphinx.ext.apidoc -o . ../src/coscine
make html


To report bugs, request features or resolve questions open an issue inside of the current git repository. Contributions and any help on improving this package are appreciated. To contribute source code you may fork the repository and open a merge request or simply submit a short and relevant snippet or fix inside of an issue.


This project is Open Source Software and licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

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