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A library for interacting with the cosmos networks

Project description


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A python library for interacting with cosmos based blockchain networks


To install the project use:

pip3 install cosmpy

Getting started

Below is a simple example for querying an account's balance and sending funds from one account to another using RestClient:

from cosmpy.clients.ledger import CosmosLedger
from cosmpy.clients.crypto import CosmosCrypto, Coin

# Data
rest_node_address = "http://the_rest_endpoint"
alice_crypto = CosmosCrypto(private_key_str="<private_key_in_hex_format>"))
chain_id = "some_chain_id"
denom = "some_denomination"
bob_address = "some_address"

ledger = CosmosLedger(chain_id=chain_id, rest_node_address=rest_endpoint_addres)

# Query Alice's Balance
res = ledger.get_balance(alice_crypto.get_address(), denom)
print(f"Alice's Balance: {res} {denom}")

# Send 1 <denom> from Alice to Bob
ledger.send_tokens(alice_crypto, bob_address, [Coin(amount="1", denom=denom)])


To see the documentation, first run:

make generate-docs

Then (if on Linux or MacOS):

make open-docs

And if on windows, open docs/build/html/index.html.


Under the examples directory, you can find examples of basic ledger interactions with cosmpy using both REST and gRPC, e.g. querying, sending a transaction, interacting with a smart contract, and performing atomic swaps. To run any example <example_file_name>:

python ./examples/<example_file_name>.py

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