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Web Scraper for Czechia COVID19 data.

Project description

Web Scraper of COVID-19 data for Czechia

Python package covid19czechia provides access to COVID-19 data of Czechia.

The data is scraped from

  • Ministry of Health, Czech Republic
  • Czech Statistical Office

Setup and usage

Install from pip with

pip install covid19czechia

Importing module is done such as

import covid19czechia as CZ

x = CZ.covid_deaths()

Package is regularly updated. Update with

pip install --upgrade covid19czechia

COVID-19 Cases

Get Covid-19 cases in Czechia.

x = CZ.covid_confirmed_cases()

Aggregated dataframe countrywise / regionwise / districtwise can be fetched using

x1 = CZ.covid_confirmed(level = 1) # country
x2 = CZ.covid_confirmed(level = 2) # region
x3 = CZ.covid_confirmed(level = 3) # district

The data contains counts by age, age group and sex and information of week. To aggregate results only over some of the groups (example - per day)

x = x\
    .aggregate({'confirmed': 'sum'})\

Result of the example contains columns day, week and confirmed.

COVID-19 Tests

Get Covid-19 tests in Czechia.

x1 = CZ.covid_tests(level = 1) # country
x2 = CZ.covid_tests(level = 2) # region
x3 = CZ.covid_tests(level = 3) # district

COVID-19 Deaths

Get Covid-19 deaths in Czechia (weekly counts, by gender and age group)

x = CZ.covid_deaths()

The function returns Pandas dataframe. It can be stored to csv file with

x.to_csv("filename.csv", header = True, index = False)

Administrative unit setting

Optional parameter level sets granularity of administrative units the deaths are computed in.

Defaultly (level = 1) the deaths are taken from the whole Czechia.

x = CZ.covid_deaths(level = 1) # same as no argument given (above)

Settings level = 2 corresponds with deaths in regions (kraje, NUTS 3).

x = CZ.covid_deaths(level = 2)

Setting level = 3 means deaths per district (okresy, LAU 1).

x = CZ.covid_deaths(level = 3)

Read more about administrative units of Czech Republic here.

Total weekly deaths

For total deaths check my another package eurostat_deaths.

Project details

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covid19czechia-0.5.2.tar.gz (7.1 kB view hashes)

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