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Python wrapper for Cricket live score from

Project description

# criclive
Python wrapper for Live cricket score from

# Methods
Its very simple :eyes: There are three methods are in this package.

1. Get the details match/score details in json format
* get_live_score()

2. Get the match description/type.

* match_data()

3. Get the specific match details
* get_match()

## :checkered_flag: .... !


# How methods are working :eyeglasses: ?

``` python
In [1]: from criclive.livecricket import Cricz
In [2]: cricket = Cricz()
In [3]: cricket_live = cricket.
cricket.get_live_score cricket.get_match cricket.match_data

###### Cricket detaild Live Data
In [4]: cricket_live = cricket.get_live_score()
In [5]: cricket_live
In [5]: output in json format
{'data': [{u'match_1': [{'batteam_score': {'bt_score': [{'decl': u'0',
'desc': u'2nd Inns',
'followon': u'0',
'overs': u'59.5',
'run': u'87',
'wkts': u'2'},

###### Match Details
In [7]: match = cricket.match_data()
{'result': [{'desc': u'IND vs ENG',
'match_id': u'match_1',
'match_no': u'2nd Test',
'type': u'TEST'},
{'desc': u'ZIM vs SL',
'match_id': u'match_4',
'match_no': u'4th Match',
'type': u'ODI'},
{'desc': u'KEN vs HK',
'match_id': u'match_11',
'match_no': u'30th Match',
'type': u'ODI'}]}

####### Get Match detail with 'match_id'
'''' pass arguments match_id to the get_match(match_id) method ''''
In [8]: match = cricket.get_match('match_1')
In [9]: match
{'result': [{u'match_1': [{'batteam_score': {'bt_score': [{'decl': u'0',
'desc': u'2nd Inns',
'followon': u'0',
'overs': u'63',
'run': u'92',
'wkts': u'2'},
{'decl': u'0',
'desc': u'1st Inns',
'followon': u'0',
'overs': u'102.5',
'run': u'255',
'wkts': u'10'}]},
'bowteam_score': {'bw_score': [{'decl': u'0',
'desc': u'2nd Inns',
'followon': u'0',
'overs': u'63.1',
'run': u'204',
'wkts': u'10'},
{'decl': u'0',
'desc': u'1st Inns',
'followon': u'0',
'overs': u'129.4',
'run': u'455',
'wkts': u'10'}]},
'bt_name': u'ENG',
'bwl_team': u'IND',
'match_data': {'country': u'India',
'desc': u'IND vs ENG',
'ground': u'Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium',
'inngscount': u'4',
'match_id': u'1',
'match_no': u'2nd Test',
'type': u'TEST',
'venue': u'Visakhapatnam'},
'match_state': {'WhoToss': u'Ind',
'other': u'',
'session': u'Day 5: First Session',
'state': u'inprogress',
'status': u'Eng need 313 runs'}}]}]}

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