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CROMOSIM is a Python Library for Crowd Motion Simulation.

The aim of this open source project is to make it possible to users to run simulations based from several models (cellular automata, microscopic simulations or using compartments), to test new configurations, and even to investigate the possibility to program their own model in complex geometry : do-it yourself !

This package proposes Python implementations of the numerical methods detailed in the book “Crowds in equations: an introduction to the microscopic modeling of crowds” by B. Maury (ENS Ulm & Univ. Paris-Sud) and S. Faure (CNRS), World Scientific 2018, Advanced textbooks in mathematics.

How to use cromosim ?

First you have to install cromosim, either by using pip:

~$ pip install cromosim

or by manually installing the package:

cromosim$ python install

Once cromosim is installed, you can verify that it is possible to import it into Python:

~$ python
Python 3.7.7 (default, Mar 10 2020, 15:43:33)
[Clang 11.0.0 (clang-1100.0.33.17)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import cromosim
>>> print(cromosim.__version__)

Now to make a first simulation, you can download one of the examples found in:

or retrieve all the examples available using the following command (svn is the Subversion command):

~$ svn export\-faure/cromosim/trunk/examples my-cromosim

and then run a first example:

~$ cd my-cromosim/micro/granular
granular$ python --json input_room.json

These examples will allow you to start your own calculations.

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