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Cron-Sentry is a command-line wrapper that reports unsuccessful runs to Sentry (

Project description

Cron-Sentry is a python command-line wrapper that reports errors to Sentry (using raven) if the called script exits with a status other than zero.


pip install cron-sentry


$ cron-sentry --help
usage: cron-sentry [-h] [--dsn SENTRY_DSN] [-M STRING_MAX_LENGTH] [--quiet] [--report-all] [--version] cmd [arg ...]

Wraps commands and reports those that fail to Sentry.

positional arguments:
  cmd                   The command to run

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --dsn SENTRY_DSN      Sentry server address
  -M STRING_MAX_LENGTH, --string-max-length STRING_MAX_LENGTH, --max-message-length STRING_MAX_LENGTH
                        The maximum characters of a string that should be sent
                        to Sentry (defaults to 4096)
  -q, --quiet           Suppress all command output
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --report-all          Report to Sentry even if the task has succeeded

The Sentry server address can also be specified through the SENTRY_DSN
environment variable (and the --dsn option can be omitted).

It’s possible to send extra information to Sentry via environment variables (prefix them with CRON_SENTRY_EXTRA_), such as:

$ export CRON_SENTRY_EXTRA_env=production
$ cron-sentry my-program


$ crontab -e

0 4 * * * cron-sentry my-process --arg arg2


  • If your command outputs Unicode, you may need to signal to python that stdin/stdout/stderr are UTF-8 encoded:

0 4 * * * cron-sentry my-process --arg arg2


This project started life as raven-cron by MediaCore Technologies.

Original copyright 2013 to MediaCore Technologies (MIT license). Copyright 2015 to Yipit Inc. (MIT license).

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