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Python tools for creating a clan management dashboard for Clash Royale

Project description

crtools - Clash Royale Clan Dashboard generator

This is a tool for creating a dashboard for clan participation in ClashRoyale. See to sign up for a developer account and create an API key to use with this.

For an example dashboard created for the clan Agrassar (#JY8YVV), see:

This tool is a static site generator – it generates static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS used to render the dashboard. If you wish to use this, you should set it up to run once per hour on your web server.


This requires Python 3 and pip on your machine. To install, use

pip3 install crtools

If you have an older version installed, to upgrade to the latest version, run:

pip3 install -U crtools



crtools [-h] [--locale LOCALE] [--config CONFIG-FILE] [--api_key KEY]
        [--clan TAG] [--out PATH] [--favicon PATH] [--clan_logo PATH]
        [--description PATH] [--canonical_url URL] [--debug]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--locale LOCALE
 Locale if language other than English is desired (see Other languages/locales).
--config FILE configuration file for this app.
--api_key KEY API key for
--clan CLAN Clan ID from Clash Royale. If it starts with a ‘#’, clan ID must be quoted.
--out PATH Output path for HTML.
--favicon PATH Source path for favicon.ico. If provided, we will copy to the output directory.
--clan_logo PATH
 Source path for clan logo PNG. Recommended at least 64x64 pizels. If provided, we will copy to the output directory.
--description PATH
 Source path snippet of HTML to replace the clan description. Should not be a complete HTML document. Sample here: If provided, we will copy to the output directory.
--canonical_url URL
 Canonical URL for this site. Used for setting the rel=canonical link in the web site, as well as generating the robots.txt and sitemap.xml
--debug Turns on debug mode
--version List the version of crtools.

Optional config file

crtools looks for a config file in your home directory called .crtools

This is an INI file. As of current version, there’s only one possible parameter: api_key. The file should look like:

# API key provided for your account at
# Note that the key is limited to a specific list of public IP addresses

# Your clan tag

# Proxy URL -- URL for proxy server, if needed

# Proxy headers -- custom headers for proxy if needed

# your output path. Where you want the static website to live.

# Path to the logo artwork for clan. Must be PNG. Recommended at
# least 64x64 pixels.

# Path to the favicon file you want to use for this

# Path to a file that contains arbitrary HTML for the site.

# Canonical URL for this site. Used for setting the rel=canonical
# link in the web site, as well as generating the robots.txt
# and sitemap.xml

For more details, see samples/crtools.ini

Optional blacklist and vacation management using Google Sheets

You can optionally use a Google Sheets log to keep track of demerits and vacations. If you want that info to be integrated with crtools, you need to copy the crtools member log template to your Google Docs account and use that. Fill in with info about your clan. Be sure not to re-name any of the tabs, or add/remove any columns.

You will also need to sign up for a Google Cloud API key.

Then you will have to go to the Google Developer API library page, and enable the Google Sheets library for your account.

You will then need to go the the Google credential management page, edit the API key you created, giving it access to the Sheets API.

Once you have created a key that you can use for this purpose, find the sheet ID from your spreadsheet URL, add the following to your config file:


Using the ClashRoyale Official Fan Kit

The design of this site is optionally enhanced by the fan kit provided by Supercell here. To enable automated downloading of the fan kit, add:


To the [Paths] section of your config file.

NOTE: This requires about 5GB free in your temp forlder on the machine that crtools runs on. It will take 10-15 minutes to download and extract, but only the first time you run with the fankit enabled.

If you have problems, you can manually install the fan kit. See Fan Kit Manual Install Instructions

Other languages/locales

Crtools currently supports the following languages:

locale language
cn Chinese
de German
en English (default)
fr French
it Italian
pt Portugese
ru Russian

If you’d like to use a language other than English, add the following switch on the command line:


The above example is French. Use the locale code listed above

If you wish for crtools to be available in another languages, reach out to me. I’m unable to do the translation myself (I speak only English), but I can help you provide a translation for this.

Suggested usage on a Linux web server

This tool is a static site generator – it generates static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS used to render the dashboard. If you wish to use this, you should set it up to run once per hour on your web server using cron or similar. Below is an example setup on Linux.

Assuming root is going to be running the script:

  1. Install this application via pip
  2. Install nginx or apache
  3. Find your document root (e.g., /var/www/html)
  4. Create /root/.crtools file as specified above, and add your API key (from, output path (the document root), and clan tag
  5. Create the following entry in your crontab:
0 * * * * crtools


If you need help getting this up and running, feel free to hop on the crtools discord.

Keep in mind, this is a command-line utility that expects a working Python 3 environment. It also assumes you will know how to configure a web server to serve up HTML, as well as cron or similar on your given platform. There is no install wizard, GUI of any kind, etc.


All of the non-code contributors are listed in CONTRIBUTORS.rst

Image rights

All images except the flags included in this repository were created by the team, and are included in the GPL license. The SVGs were all created in Inkscape.

The flags included are from, which as of 5/27/2019 stated it required no attribution or license. We are interpreting this to mean these are available in the public domain.

It was important to us to make sure the entirety of this application is open source, and not subject to takedown request. We will not ever extract assets from the game or from any other web properties.

Optionally, crtools can download the official Clash Royale fan kit and use some of the content contained. This is not the default behavior, and no works copywritten by Supercell are contained within this code.

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:

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