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DB API 2.0-compliant driver for SQL Server

Project description

cTDS is a full Python DB API-2.0-compliant SQL Server database library for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X supporting both Python 2 and Python 3.

The full documentation for cTDS can be found here.


  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and up.

  • Complete DB API-2.0 support.

  • Python 2.6, Python 2.7, Python 3.3, Python 3.4, Python 3.5, Python 3.6, Python 3.7, Python 3.8, and Python 3.9 support.

  • Bulk insert (bcp) support.

  • Written entirely in C.


See installation instructions for more information on installing FreeTDS.


Publishing new versions of the egg and documentation is automated using a Github Actions workflow. Official releases are marked using git tags. Pushing the tag to the git remote will trigger the automated deployment. E.g.

git tag -a v1.2.3 -m 'v1.2.3'
git push --tags


Generate documentation using the following:

tox -e docs
# Generated to build/docs/

Documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages. As such, the source code for the documentation pages must be committed to the gh-pages branch in order to update the live documentation.


Local development and testing is supported on Linux-based systems running tox and Docker. Docker containers are used for running a local instance of SQL Server on Linux. Only Docker and tox are required for running tests locally on Linux or OS X systems. pyenv is recommended for managing multiple local versions of Python. By default all tests are run against the system version of FreeTDS. GNU Make targets are provided to make compiling specific FreeTDS versions locally for testing purposes. For example:

# Run tests against FreeTDS version 1.1.24
make test-1.1.24

Development and testing will require an instance of SQL Server on Linux running for validation. A script, ./scripts/, is provided to start a Docker container running the database and create the login used by the tests.

# Start a docker-based SQL Server instance.
# The default tox targets will do this automatically for you.
make start-sqlserver

# Run tests as needed ...

# Stop the docker-base SQL Server instance.
make stop-sqlserver


Testing is designed to be relatively seamless using Docker containers and SQL Server on Linux. The pytest framework is used for running the automated tests.

To run the tests against the system version of FreeTDS and Python, use:


GNU make targets are provided for convenience and to provide a standard method for building and installing the various versions of FreeTDS used in testing. Most targets are wrappers around tox or replicate some behavior in the CI/CD automation.

To run the tests against an arbitrary version of FreeTDS:

# Python X.Y & FreeTDS Z.ZZ.ZZ
make test_X.Y_Z.ZZ.ZZ

To run tests against all supported versions of FreeTDS and Python and additional linting and metadata checks:

make check


valgrind is utilized to ensure memory is managed properly and to detect defects such as memory leaks, buffer overruns, etc. Because valgrind requires Python is compiled with specific flags, a Docker file is provided to compile Python as necessary to run the test suite under valgrind.

To run test test suite under valgrind:

make valgrind

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